How to become a better wife:

How to become a better wife:How to become a better wife, madden husband, excite, arouse desire again? Is it possible to learn the art of the best lover?

Below are a few rules to try on his experience simple Russian woman and skilled lover. Some tricks at first glance seem a trifle, but it can still change as “the course of history.” So start learning the elementary truths of sex.

Learn how to drive a car

Sex in the car – a great opportunity to diversify relations. How to become a better wife – learning to drive, effectively moving the arm speed. You can not even unload the bags and make love right in the garage. New momentum in relations is provided.

Set up alarm

How to become a better wife – to learn how to wake up in the morning favorite. If, instead of ringing the alarm on your man feel sleepy body gentle hands of his wife, it will be only through such a revival. That’s only after such a “ringing” must necessarily be followed by a sequel.

Acquire webcam

Until the end of the day was an hour – it’s time to remind your husband anatomy. Call and talk to the webcam is not only a way to become a better wife, but also to overcome a family crisis.

Buy a favorite cake

Buy your favorite cake and gorge his mouth, on his knees with his hands tied. This is not a perversion, a way to enjoy oral sex. While eating favorite treat Think of the sexual organ of her husband. Rather than put up with a lover, or to choose between two guys should learn.

Record sound

Record sounds and the whole process to the recorder or camera. Men terribly exciting, the fact that the entire process takes place before the camera. You can listen to and view the recording.

Become a desirable

To be wanted, to love yourself. Therefore, go to bed in beautiful underwear, with make-up, with clean hair. Heading to bed, gently sway your hips, lift the chest, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “This body can not make it.”

The mirror in the bedroom

Do not wait any coaxing from her husband to install a mirror in the bedroom directly opposite the bed (or on top of the bed). Let the bedroom becomes a gallery of mirrors, as long as my husband enjoyed it. Buy yourself a mirror, invent posture in which you can use a mirror.


Cause favorite rape. Many do not use force against the light, but feel free to ask about it. Do not offer direct, resist strong embrace. Let the man feel the conqueror (who is sometimes necessary).

The movie is not for everyone

Watch movies for adults are not ashamed. Pick up your collection of “high” films banned shown publicly.

Oil of Love

Oil for the love you can not just do an erotic massage favorite, but you can have. Anoint and massage partner from head to foot, and then just lick it. You can choose any flavor. This massage will have a particularly strong partner experience.

More profanity

Feel free to talk in bed more obscenities. Do not brake. Indecent words is not only pushing her husband, and excite your partner. In bed, you can break the taboo word, especially if it is so gets.

Quarrels and put up in bed

Brawl can be a good strategic move on the part of Russian woman who expects a passionate reconciliation in bed. The best way to create a scandal – to make him jealous. Just do not bring her husband to distraction, otherwise he lost all desire to reunite permanently.

Let him watch

Men like to watch. Give her husband a chance to watch the female orgasm. Another option – to give for Valentine’s Day with your nudie pictures in lingerie and nude. Only when giving always tell that the photographer was a beautiful woman.

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