Better than the wife of Ukrainian foreign?

sexy ukrainian girlEveryone knows that the most beautiful Ukrainian women – not argue with that.

But foreigners are confident in the fact that we love to bake cakes at home, wear embroidered and dance. And in turn we believe in non-existent habits Englishwomen, Germans, French women and representatives of other nationalities. So what are they really your wife? Try to find out the truth …


German woman – business woman who never anywhere on time.
French – patterns of taste and sexuality, the most feminine and fragile creatures on earth, never wear studs, mini-skirts and rarely use cosmetics.
English woman – tall, thin, discreet and very conservative.
Swede – tall blond women of the North, living in a big “Swedish family” and have breakfast for the “buffet”.
Japanese woman – geisha with whitened faces, pins in her hair, all eager to please a man.


Germans. Home perfect order – on the floor or a speck of dust, all things are in place. These women attach great importance to functional load of each room. For example, a child should not be a single adult things, a German notice any change in the room, and immediately return to their seats.
Frenchwoman. They express their originality, creating the interior family nest – in the living room in plain view may lie rusty old harmonica, and among the lovely toys lurk hunting rifle.
Englishwoman. Personal pride any English lady – her small garden. It can absent himself from any business for a few hours of digging in the ground. At this time, the husband can do whatever he wants, enthusiastic little woman you love does not even notice his absence from home.
Swede. Ironically, the representatives of this nation a remarkable ability to create comfort in the home, perhaps, the cause is the harsh climate of the country 🙂 A million little details in every room – towels, figurines, figurines on the coffee table, mandatory paintings on the walls. When all of this is seen, dizzy. Sweden’s cozy home – a dream of Ukrainian housewives.
Japanese women. In home interior remain faithful to ancient custom – the floors are carpeted with thick mat of rice straw, the walls hung characters and naturally can not do without ikebana. Kitchen in Japanese women – the main place in the house, here they support this sterility. But the variety of products the Japanese housewife can not boast. Calling card of any home – figure of a Japanese woman caring can make more than a hundred dishes.
Ukrainian. Foreigners say that we – the perfect hostess, it’s hard not to agree. Ukrainian women know the rule that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and successfully use it. Foreign suitors who only rely on soup and dumplings, do not get tired surprising culinary fantasies Slavic beauties.


Germans. Shop is rarely seen among German women – traditional or shopping is something like this: ladies leisurely swim among the shelves in the supermarket, carefully consider the products, but did not shift in their carts, purchase only from the start of the second “Check.” In boutiques Germans rarely go with men, often with friends, even when you need to buy a suit her husband. Modern German ladies hardly be called “women of fashion” – they prefer a comfortable sporty clothes. Germans even get to work in sneakers, and at the office to change their shoes.
Frenchwoman. There are a few things which the French ladies never save – scarves, shoes, underwear and accessories. If you are going for a coffee French rarely discuss men, but is considered a holy thing boasts new culinary discoveries. For them, cooking is not heavy domestic work and the creative process.
Englishwoman. Ancient legless chair, portrait of an unknown lady in a gilt frame, a huge wardrobe – all these things can be purchased in an English hype when shopping at a favorite “flea market.” It is natural trading platforms, for some reason, attract these conservative ladies, probably in the shopping they give vent to their emotions.
Swede. Once a week they send their husbands to shop, and those without a list, always buy what you need. And yourself Swede visiting shops rarely, but, as they say, accurately. A couple of times a year they release a couple of weeks of daily visits to sales in the company of friends. This period is perhaps the only time for full communion of the female population. After the end of Sweden’s economic sales withdraw entirely in home care, and it happens that to the next Salem did not call up.
Japanese women. Representatives of Eastern culture, unlike the Swedes, have never asked my husband to go with them for food. It is believed that it demeans man. Accidentally met her husband on the way home, my wife would never give him even a part of bags, and he should be seen and not offer to help her.
Ukrainian. Male population and abroad unanimously upon us the highest score in the passion for shopping, but other than that, they also noted a remarkable ability to buy all Ukrainian women are very cheap and finding sales, even when they are not in town.


Germans. In Germany, perhaps more than in any other European country, single mothers. But even if the couple together is considered normal to holiday separately and maintain separate finances. Little things does not prevent the Germans dearly love one another.
Frenchwoman. Among these romantic little ladies housewives, almost all of them work – the child is given early in the crib, so that the school becomes almost independent person. Frenchwomen prudence manifested in his personal life. Officially registered marriages are not in a hurry – a long-term trial on the division of property and payment of attorney in the event of divorce makes these women think twice before entering into marriage.
Englishwoman. That’s who really can be called careerists – they do not like to cook, dinner invented in haste or go eat at a nearby restaurant, the problem is usually solved with a cleaning maid. Englishwoman living arrangement begin to do after 30 years as a career is itching 🙂 Perhaps that is why one child in an English family – a rarity, more often three.
Swede. Like the French women, they prefer to have relationships with boyfriends coming and do not rush to be bound by marriage. But if the Swede decides to start a family, she immediately forgets what “feminism.” Even the busy business girl fridge is always packed to overflowing, and the evening ready to cancel dinner.
Japanese women. In matters of marriage in the country of the rising sun reigns now the Middle Ages. Married Japanese women give their parents for vending candidate. And in any respectable Japanese company there is a “single dating service employees”, which takes over the functions to arrange private life of single women. Of Japanese women is universal wife – they are perfect farm, raise their children and provide a reliable back to their husbands.
Ukrainian. Perfect housewife, caring mother and faithful wife … That’s rough words about Ukrainian foreign wives. When asked about the fact that their husbands do not like Slavic wives 9 of 10 foreigners said they hardly put up with chatty women. Neither Ukrainian will not give extra time to meet with a friend or an hour or two on the phone to discuss the injustice of his boss. And if it is also a language that the husband does not understand … But this shortcoming is a trifle compared to our strengths!


Germans. They take everything from life. Getting new experiences and knowledge – the meaning of life Germans. They did not leave from another country without visiting all tours and tasting of local food in the restaurant.
Frenchwoman. On that first of all pay attention to women, getting acquainted with a man? 65% of French women believe that perfume, which is used by the young man, talk about it all.
Englishwoman. The girls from the provinces – the dream of any metropolitan men. The further away from the major cities, the prim Englishwoman, have a habit of going to church, dress modestly, almost not use cosmetics and prefer to devote their whole life to her husband and children.
Swede. Young Swedish women prefer dark color in clothes, mature, like angels, are only suitable in the light. And they never sit on the benches in front of the house and wash the stone neighbors.
Japanese women. Despite all that has been said about Japanese wives, they see themselves as leaders in the house and did ran his own husbands. Apparently they have learned well the one truth “My husband – the head, and his wife – the neck” and so skillfully use it to practice their husbands just do not notice.
Ukrainian. Surprisingly, foreigners married to Ukrainian women not because they are a wonderful hostess, so that we can cuddle, stroke, and be generous to exercise all our affection for the beloved husband. Neither Swedish, German or English woman once again not to pat and kiss. Perhaps that is why we often intermarried with the polka, Brazilian and Thai woman. Men’s soul asks tenderness!

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