How to choose a girl for sex?

If you are concerned about someone with whom to sleep (I mean, it’s a beautiful girl or do not) and you want just sex, then this article will help you with this and tell me how to find a Russian girl for sex the path of least resistance.

What Russian girls fastest consent to sex?
1. Drunk Russian women. Most of drunk girls said that they are “reckless,” and they are ready to try something new, and especially to have sex with strange guys in the very unusual places. That’s why I have them and are considered the easiest prey. When she was drunk, but still wants to have sex with someone, then she starts to stick to the guys trying to move sexy.

2. Russian girls of easy virtue. It is not about girls that way for a living, and for those who like to frequently change sexual partners, are ready for a pack of cigarettes to allow a stranger to touch the guy at his breast or a bottle of wine kiss anyone. I do not know how to look like all these girls, but the ones I know personally, dress and behave with respect to challenging. They are almost always heavily dyed and not very well maintained.

Over time, all friends of the girls (I mean guys) become their former sexual partners. I say so because it met these girls in my life. One of them even tried to tempt me with my boyfriend.

3. Russian ladies who want sex, and even care to whom. Here I include girls, who have long met the guy a lot of sex with him, but then drifted apart. Now it turns out that they did not have sex with anyone, and they are severely lacking it. Therefore, they are looking for partners with whom you can just have sex without any obligations.

4. Russian beauties who are looking for partners with whom you can gain experience. When I was 16-17 years old, then some of my friends were a lot of girls who have had sex by arrangement. They found the boy, who also had no experience and had sex with (the first time), and learn from each other.

To some girl asked you to be her sexual partner needs you to not look like a god of sex, and seemed inexperienced guy who can help himself and her. With this guy, she will feel more confident and forget about their discomfort.

5. Girls who want to take revenge on his ex. As for me, such cases are less common than others, but, nevertheless, they have a place in our lives. These girls are also looking for guys that can be laid. I’m not sure of the reliability of this information, but I know that these girls have sex and then go very fast.

How to use these factors to your hand?

If you see that your friend or friend of one of these girls, you can be more open with her sexually. You can do it any sexual allusions, often talk about sex, and to do all that she knew that if she wants sex, she can sleep with you.

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