Lady: Ukrainian female perfection

ukrainian ladyThe word “lady” is in all languages ??of the world and the means perfect in every sense of the woman.

“Mere mortals” women, meeting Ukrainian lady looking up at her with admiration and respectful , men – with the same enthusiasm, awe. The man in the presence of Ukrainian beauty draws belly and proudly straightens his shoulders … Not for nothing do they say that “the lady – a woman who makes a man look like a gentleman.”
However, few can articulate exactly what distinguishes one Ukrainian beauty of a number of other, elevating it to a number of honorary ” Lady “: diamonds, pride, knowing what is the difference for the fish fork and dessert fork, or passion rugby … Lady – the object to study multifaceted. Like a diamond. Stone is rare, but, of course, gorgeous.
A true lady – is perfection and excellence in all things, and from an external point of view, and from the interior. This impeccable taste and manners, noble bearing and a certain pedantry, nobility in behavior and a rich inner world. Continue reading

My favorite character of Russian women?

russian sexy girlRomantic Russian woman seems to us something unearthly and almost nonexistent subspecies female.

But none of that, just hysterical at Russian lady – this is one of the most common manifestations of romanticism in the modern world. It is this Russian beauty needs courtship, enchanting adventures and secret intrigues, where the game is more important than an intimate relationship. Here, for example, the story of the life of a romantic nature.

Russian beauty was sitting at home, not bothering anyone. And suddenly – a burst of energy and a vague feeling. Identification occurred. Wanted man! The man she loved was not at hand, and erotic “call is not diverted to another line.” What to do? Run, and someone to seduce. I remembered a friend’s phone man was called there on a date. And she sailed to him all in pearls and lace stockings … The man gasped and pulled little hands …

And she – another call from another location. Anxiety and fear blocked the initial desire. “Why did I come here, what I could not sit at home. Want more sex “- thought our Russian beauty. And she just started talking: Continue reading

The beauty of Russian women – myth or reality?

It is widely believed the exceptional beauty of Russian women. But some believe that it is nothing more than a myth, and Russian women are vain hope that their appearance will make them competitive with their Western rivals in the fight for foreign husbands.

So what is actually a representation of the special beauty of Russian women, myth or reality? And think about this western men?I have never seen a single Russian woman of childbearing age, which would not be an absolute beauty, their average woman would have shamed our top models. No wonder I was like a kid in a shop with sweets, and will also feel you. I quote the opinion of one of my English friend: “When I arrived in Moscow, I was amazed at how many walks the streets of beautiful women. We in Britain can not walk the streets of so many beautiful women. ” As having been in England, I can confirm that he was right. Continue reading

Facts about flirting and getting acquainted with a Russian girl

russian sexy girlsFew people who believe the experts and research, but it is much more than those who read these studies. Read on and you’re flirting with the research of and acquaintance with a Russian girl. But in handy.

1. Couples usually wait about 6-8 visits before they start officially dating.

2. Office Romance – a common phenomenon, and 4 out of 10 cases of work relations end marriage.

3. Men push noisy Russian women. If a Russian woman wants to date, she should move away from the noise of the band to give the man to approach her.

4. If you want to create instant rapport with the person during a conversation, say his or her name, at least two times. This shows your attention and the ability to establish communication. Continue reading

The Dangers of abstaining from sex with a Russian girl, and not only?

sexy girls 911Sex with a Russian girl is a natural human need. Refusal or prolonged abstinence from it have a negative impact on health.

Let’s start with the fact that the human body is one of the most complex mechanisms in nature. And not just in terms of the physical device . Unique psychology as “the crown of nature.” Moreover, this set of factors, as different sexual constitution, education, values, etc., suggests that every person is different and unique.

Therefore, experts say, one size fits all does not comb your hair. Nevertheless, almost all of them agree on one thing: is prolonged lack of sexual satisfaction, many people may have problems with health.
Argued that, for example, men want sex more than a Russian woman, or vice versa – is wrong. Such statements are in the plane of psychology, family, religious education, cultural environment, but the physiology of no relation. Continue reading

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My favorite character of Russian women?
Romantic Russian woman seems to us something unearthly and almost nonexistent subspecies female. But none of that, just hysterical at Russian lady - this is one of the most common manifestations of romanticism in the…