What does a Russian woman from a man.

Russian girlsWomen have long been dreaming of princes, they simply meet a real man.

This man should be independent and self-reliant. A Russian woman should feel that her favorite able to take care not only of themselves, and not even about her, and their future children.Even assertive business  Russian woman though it is sometimes necessary to feel helpless next to a strong man. Not so much because of feminism, but because of the conditions that dictate our lives, beautiful women have to weigh up all the problems and troubles, to decide important issues. But the men relaxed, shamelessly shifting all the fragile russian girl’s shoulders. Perhaps that is why there are so many single people, because Russian women do not want to be with a weak man and a lifetime drag myself to their problems.
A man should be interesting to talk to, to be able to listen and speak. Not to learn what to do, but all have a point.
Sense of humor – that’s one more advantage that beautiful women want to see their elected representatives. Positive attitude to life – another important criterion.
And, of course, a man should be a passion, and appear not only in bed, but also at work and around the house. Continue reading

Unmarried Russian woman pulls herself alone in her life.

Russian girlsThe problem with many single Russian women in their mothers. Told told Moscow matchmaker Rose Syabitova.

“The problems of many Russian girls – their mothers. Mama inspired her daughter that she is the best and worthy of her hand just prince charming. A prince is not met. Russian beautiful Girl already over 30, and she sits and waits. Because my mother said that only a prince married go necessary “, – says Rosa.

In the seminars help each Russian girl to see ourselves.

“If a beautiful girl’s hand leads mother kicks her out of the office. It will seek a husband not this, what her daughter needed. And one who needs him most.  Russian Girl ask to forget about all the teachings of parents and think with your head.”

Advised to think about the future positively.

“Stop whining beautiful girlfriend and mother to his loneliness. Ourselves attract loneliness in their lives. Ask yourself what you want to meet a man. Think about it every day. Thoughts will attract into your life to meet new people.”
Loneliness for beautiful women – worse smoking Continue reading

Ukrainian girls what they want?

The current state of Ukrainian society is very contradictory.Girls Ukraine

It is manifest different tendencies. Where now seeking young Ukraine beautiful women and girls? How do they see their purpose? And what does it depend?
I watch many of my friends and draw conclusions. What can I say? To me, all my friends Ukrainian girls can be divided into several groups.
First. They do not see their future in Ukraine no good. Tend to quickly leave the country. No matter where. This desire is due to such reasons as the dreadful financial situation, lack of opportunities, lack of their own homes as well. For these beautiful girls there is an army of marriage agencies, whose main task – to bring a beautiful Ukrainian women with a foreign bride, contribute to their relationship led to marriage. I must say that the problem is not as common.
Second. Very ambitious and quite intelligent people. Many higher education. Work at the university, on radio and television. Marriage is one of the main priorities in life. This motivated the beautiful girls tend to learn and develop. For example, one of my classmate finished graduate school and working as a teacher in high school. Reads Business Ukrainian language and something in Linguistics. Another classmate works leading television and a senior editor there. Third – chief editor of a magazine, but it is true, already married. In general, the range is large enough. Continue reading

Can a girl be smart and beautiful!!

I think a lot of men on this question is answered in the negative!russian girl

But still! Yes, a Russian girl can be beautiful and smart! For some reason a lot of men do not like it! Some even run away from those in whose eyes see little ability to think logically. Although, I admit, there are those who are not interested in spending time with just a doll!Sometimes I think that men contradict themselves. They like the beautiful and smart girls, but when they met in a professional field, agree and accept that she really did not want clever.

Why, when a beautiful Russian girl gets a good job, no one can not think that it can be smart, everyone thinks that she is the work, thanks appearance …

On the other hand, why all this against the fact that she sometimes uses their external data? After all this in principle, there is nothing wrong. Many people enjoy something for success: some use the connection, while others use the money my parents many include his cunning and skills! After all, each has its own advantages, and some are acquired during life, others are born. But in fact it is the same! Continue reading

Can a girl baptized single girl?

Myth number 1jzG8lmfhM_I

Godmother girls can not be single girls. And then goddaughter did not marry.
No, it’s prejudice and superstition. The most important thing to godmother was truly a believer, I felt responsible for his goddaughter. Social, material status of the cross there is not any difference.

Myth number 2.

After the baptism of the child godparents Mom and Dad can not marry each other? The people even have a saying: “The Godfather, with the godmother of a brother and sister.”
The canons of the Orthodox Church explicitly prohibit marriage: a) between the godfather and godmother of his daughter, b) between the godmother and godfather’s son, c) between the godparents and parents baptized. What about marriage between godparents no outright ban. Catholics also not against marriage between godparents. The church is also not against the fact that the cross becomes a boy and an single Russian girl who has decided to become husband and wife. In this case, the child was lucky. If godparents live together, they have a much better opportunity to fulfill his duties to his godson or goddaughter. Continue reading

Can a girl baptized single girl?
Myth number 1 Godmother girls can not be single girls. And then goddaughter did not marry. No, it's prejudice and superstition. The most important thing to godmother was truly a believer, I felt responsible for…


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