Most Ukrainian women want to work in …

Most Ukrainian women want to work in ...Ukrainian women often express a desire to work in sales (13% of women), in professional fields Marketing / Advertising / PR – 10,8%, and administrative staff – 10.6%.

Labour market research on trade preferences and the level of wages of women in Ukraine showed that 8.9% of the managers of Ukrainian companies are willing to work in banks, in the field of HR and training – 8.5%, while the IT Schnick see a 4% women with a summary, in Medicine / Pharmacy – 3.2% in Education and Science – 2.9%.

“Under the weaker sex interesting traditionally male fields of security and Automotive – they account for less than one percent of the” female “resume”, experts say.

Meanwhile, they said, 80% of candidates for leadership positions – are men, and 20% – women. Continue reading

Secrets of beautiful girls.

Russian girlsAll of the ladies have their own little tricks that are used especially when dealing with young people.

And when it comes to dating, men usually encounter the secrets of russian girls somewhere they do not agree, we generally prefer to remain silent and enigmatic smile. This behavior is not always found positive, many guys annoy beautiful girls secrets. Of course, trust and honesty are an integral part harmony. But, as a rule, it is not good for the ladies. One has only to lift the veil of mystery, as a potential suitor, and perhaps future husband immediately evaporates as if it had never existed.

So the russian girls for the most part carefully guard their past life, and prefer understatement or silence on questioning of first love, the first man, the first orgasm, and other intimate things. Secrets of beautiful girls relate not only to adult entertainment and many other things. If a lady young lady interested in a man, it can hide deep that he hates football, fishing, hunting and other masculine hobbies. And especially never talk about how self-satisfaction, which you can use. She will do everything to show how it can be an exemplary wife and a good housekeeper. Continue reading

How to find love?

beautiful girlWhat a fairy tale as a child was your favorite? Most beautiful girls of a certain age to somehow crazy every Cinderellas, Belosnezhek, Sleeping Beauty, the quiet life of a handsome prince who breaks a horse and provides an inexhaustible life happiness.

But it would be nice if all these romantic fairy stories remained there as a child.
Growing up, a beautiful girl to try on a specific image of a woman, and, believe me, modest, quiet, obedient to parents, work hard from dawn to dusk, but stunningly beautiful without the slightest attempt to make love to a hero – not one character who in reality would attract the attention of anyone even remotely looks like a prince!

Do you imagine a real, contemporary and relevant to the tales of Cinderella. She has finished school and high school on fat fives, and most likely, going to work. Not paying too: because she firmly believes that her fate – day in and day separated from buckwheat and peas get paid for their work just a reprimand, not a high income, and praise! After work, she galloped home runs, because decent girls own adventure and entertainment should not look! Continue reading

How to become an ideal Ukrainian girl.

x_182af82aProbably every Ukraine woman or girl, in love, want to be the best for the elect.

But, as an ideal Ukraine girl when not exist perfection? So, what does it mean for a man to “ideal” beautiful woman?
On the ground, there are no people are alike, and therefore, everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Therefore, a representative of the stronger sex creates his own image of the perfect Ukraine woman, and tries to which to aspire. Any man his ideal.
A beautiful woman should always be a Ukraine woman, and this is very important! There are a few rules to be the perfect beautiful girl. But you first need to love yourself the way you produced the nature!
In life, there are no ugly the fairer sex, are groomed and unkempt. It is important to always look good you are at home or at work, whatever. Continue reading

Status of beautiful girls “not married”

Single GirlsPublic opinion says: “Up to 20 years old russian girl should get married!”.

We are used to the fact that every russian girl dreams of getting married, starting from the cradle, and the russian woman must necessarily be married (shape does not matter, come and civil marriage).Each of the fairer sex is simply obliged to mend someone’s socks, cook endless breakfast-lunch-dinner, show the wonders of sewing skills and skill roll with one hand banks of cucumbers (grown in their own country), and the other – ironing. Her main interest is definitely love for knitting, lace and macramé, beadwork, petit point, cross and technique of “Richelieu”, knowing by heart the books “Kitchen of the world”, “The Great Encyclopedia of cooking” and “10,000 dishes of cabbage, rice and buckwheat “and the art of origami and ikebana. She truly enjoys mixers, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, tea sets, a set of elephants or blue porcelain ballerina. Contemptuous looks at fur, gold jewelry and lingerie …
Dismal picture in which modern life has made a very serious changes. Beautiful girls do not want to get married (at least, so frantically), they are set to check a “high feeling” cohabitation and general way of life. The exception is the marriage of the Prince: the underground millionaire, with its own car park and a dozen boats. For him, the favorite, and you can learn the culinary encyclopedia by heart and learn to pickle cucumbers on old Indian recipes. Continue reading

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