Meet in the clubs, bars and restaurants

It’s about the clubs, discos, bars, and on the rules of dating them.Meet in the clubs, bars and restaurants

Perhaps you have encountered such a situation. Come to rest somewhere cultural (or uncivilized rest), not bothering anyone, primus mending. And suddenly you see amazing kid. Perhaps you, like me, especially visiting clubs to catch someone on the night or longer? What to do, after all beautiful girls are not supposed to take the initiative and start a conversation with the pleasant young man?
Options dating practices or rules of thumb dating.
1.You are sitting at different tables and get into the field of view of each other. Tracing the room and look bored, as if by accident, cling to it. Quickly look away. Then, as if secretly start looking at it (at the same time consider the better, can it not worth the effort) from head to toe (or whatever is hidden table). If you sit with your girlfriend, you can start to discuss it with her, pointing at him look. Usually at this point a man notices your interest and begins to see you. He is clearly not averse to meeting you! Here you can a beautiful woman to meet his eyes and immediately embarrassed him to take. Sufficiently courageous men in this place yourself get up and go to meet, for less brave comrades continue our research: the rule of dating and behavior. Here you can briefly lose interest in him, povertetsya around, fix hair or begin to consider anything else. Totally confused by our fickle man seeks direct look in the eye. After that, he falls down and stacked at our feet. Continue reading

Six errors groom on their first date: how to keep the bride

Six errors groom on their first date: how to keep the brideFirst date soon, but the groom fear to spoil something already here. Therefore rasskazhev you about common mistakes groom on their first date.

How to continue the relationship further after the first date, if you are sure that this is it, your fiancee, your future wife?

Mistake number 1 Do not talk too much
It is understandable that you want to tell a favorite as you can about yourself, but tell you a secret that beautiful girls are not very favor talkers.

It will be much more effective if you focus on your perevedesh beautiful girl and you genuinely interested in her person. But do not go to extremes, silent and short answers also may not like the young lady. Do not answer the questions in monosyllables and did not show his displeasure, even if you think that questioning is too tricky, a Russian girl you can just check. Continue reading

How to become a better wife:

How to become a better wife:How to become a better wife, madden husband, excite, arouse desire again? Is it possible to learn the art of the best lover?

Below are a few rules to try on his experience simple Russian woman and skilled lover. Some tricks at first glance seem a trifle, but it can still change as “the course of history.” So start learning the elementary truths of sex.

Learn how to drive a car

Sex in the car – a great opportunity to diversify relations. How to become a better wife – learning to drive, effectively moving the arm speed. You can not even unload the bags and make love right in the garage. New momentum in relations is provided.

Set up alarm

How to become a better wife – to learn how to wake up in the morning favorite. If, instead of ringing the alarm on your man feel sleepy body gentle hands of his wife, it will be only through such a revival. That’s only after such a “ringing” must necessarily be followed by a sequel. Continue reading

Harmony between

harmony betweenHard to believe, looking at the loving couple that is in candy buketno period, that once these good boy and darling, tenderly embracing and caring for each other, can be real violence – from a psychological point of view, or, even worse, from the physical.

At the beginning of the relationship, even the first few months after the wedding, rarely shows his not so pleasant traits, on the contrary, we want to be good, perfect for his or her spouse.

As they say, do not hide an awl in a sack, and a moment comes when there are conflicts. In a fit of rage wife (recently souls in each other not chayavshie) begin to humiliate and insult each other! If the situation is repeated from time to time, it starts to enter into shape, and already it comes to battering.

Usually this “suffer” man. Beautiful women less than men. Especially those who love the bottle of liquor. But not only that! Absolute drinkers also sometimes assert themselves and let off steam in the form of foul language and criticism of the wife. Continue reading

Polygamous men and Russian woman

Polygamous men and Russian women“Men are changing, because they are polygamous by nature” – such statements like raving lunatic and nothing more.

First, so say those who do not know the definition of the term. Secondly, let us share the concept of “polygamous” and “untrue.”
About men and Russian women.
Speculations about polygamous men should start with the value of the word. Translated from the Greek polygamy or polygamous marriage means numerous. This implies the presence of one man many marriage partners.
In some countries, the East and still allowed polygamy. Therefore, in this case it is appropriate to speak of a polygamous man, which involves the care, support, and the entire contents of each of his wife and any children.
For women approach the other. It is believed that the beautiful girl in nature should strive for monogamy. Well, let’s start shatters stereotypes and to fill all of our “gaps” in knowledge.
“I changed because I am naturally polygamy” Continue reading

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