Lady: Ukrainian female perfection

ukrainian ladyThe word “lady” is in all languages ??of the world and the means perfect in every sense of the woman.

“Mere mortals” women, meeting Ukrainian lady looking up at her with admiration and respectful , men – with the same enthusiasm, awe. The man in the presence of Ukrainian beauty draws belly and proudly straightens his shoulders … Not for nothing do they say that “the lady – a woman who makes a man look like a gentleman.”
However, few can articulate exactly what distinguishes one Ukrainian beauty of a number of other, elevating it to a number of honorary ” Lady “: diamonds, pride, knowing what is the difference for the fish fork and dessert fork, or passion rugby … Lady – the object to study multifaceted. Like a diamond. Stone is rare, but, of course, gorgeous.
A true lady – is perfection and excellence in all things, and from an external point of view, and from the interior. This impeccable taste and manners, noble bearing and a certain pedantry, nobility in behavior and a rich inner world.

True Ukrainian lady looks perfectly. With it, and at social events, and in the family circle, and lying in bed. Trim figure (any diet, the very image of life that is lower – that’s the secret of her perfect body), low-key make-up that is even when the lady goes to the shop, manicure, pedicure, haircut, laid hair to hair … Clothes are always neat, ironed, perfect fit. By the way, the first word to the lady in the clothing – not fickle fashion, and the taste and style. Ladies always dressed strictly, but feminine. In such a lady’s wardrobe is the little black dress, strict studs, chic coat. In the box – gold and diamonds, which are put in place. If the lady can not afford jewelry frills – but it happens – that is natural pearls. No jewelry and ridiculous, cheap-looking gadgets – is taboo.

In the bag ladies have only what you need: a mirror, a comb, lipstick (by the way, people will never miss lipstick!), Clean, folded handkerchief. If cigarettes, the only good, and expensive lighter.

So, small summary. A true lady never …
– Do not leave the house without make-up light or too bright, will not appear in society with peeling paint on the tips of the nails, dirty hair. However, at home, it also will not be going to the obscene form.
– Do not wear a neck with a short skirt or dress too revealing clearly tasteless dress (even if it is a precious gift.)
– Would not wear cheap jewelry and imitation jewelry.
– Will talk about their physiological problems, shortcomings, problems with weight or desire to lose weight.
– Do not come down to in order to discuss the cost of purchased her things. Anything that gets in the shop lady – expensive, but how many are not supposed to discuss.

Way of life
True Ukrainian beauty is always busy with something: reading, writing, attending courses, hosts … Lady comprehensively educated, erudite and can maintain a conversation on any topic. She is familiar with the classical literature and contemporary art. A good companion, it can support any conversation.
Ukrainian Lady – an excellent hostess, which reigns in the house perfect order, every thing knows his place. Lady cook, can lay the table nicely (even if it turns on a desert island), with good manners and know how to drink. In the house of the lady not eat, and have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Lady will not fall to the so-called “bite” on the go cut sandwiches and pizza in front of TV.

Exactly what the lady to eat properly and thus the whole day something is actively engaged in, and is the secret of her perfect figure.

Ladies – it’s all over the nobility, dignity, poise and tact. Lady good with everyone, regardless of age, gender or social status. Gracious lady, perhaps, sometimes emotional, but undisturbed in every situation.

Of old England Lady moved in time the so-called principle of “stiff upper lip” that no matter what happened, on the face of a true lady will not flinch a muscle. Strait to the snow-white blouse wine, once on the carpet at the head, and even parted with her lover, she will keep the mask of equanimity of mind. Hysteria, right and left, telling your troubles to, cry in public – this is not in its principles. “Secular woman – a woman who never has any sense of heat, or feeling cold, and there is never hungry or tired,” – once said of Lady Duchess de Saba.

In communication with other ladies always held back – and in the emotions and expressions. Lady voice never raises more than half a tone of strict at the same time is not in the habit of droning on, swallowing the words or say under his breath. The ideal woman his speech “filters”, knows how to correctly pronounce the word “cooking” or “call” and never allows himself to coarse, sharp ear statements.

Of course, a lady absorbs knowledge of etiquette with milk: it is not lost to the series of forks and glasses in a restaurant knows that what they say in the company of VIP-persons …

Talk about the difference between a lady (read – its superiority) can be long. She is perfect in every way, in every detail … But it may be too perfect. In fact, this woman – glossy ersatz, which is difficult to find a match for a man, a real gentleman. Other men as it may seem too strict, too pedantic and … boring.

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