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How to choose a girl for sex?

If you are concerned about someone with whom to sleep (I mean, it’s a beautiful girl or do not) and you want just sex, then this article will help you with this and tell me how to find a Russian girl for sex the path of least resistance.

What Russian girls fastest consent to sex?
1. Drunk Russian women. Most of drunk girls said that they are “reckless,” and they are ready to try something new, and especially to have sex with strange guys in the very unusual places. That’s why I have them and are considered the easiest prey. When she was drunk, but still wants to have sex with someone, then she starts to stick to the guys trying to move sexy.

2. Russian girls of easy virtue. It is not about girls that way for a living, and for those who like to frequently change sexual partners, are ready for a pack of cigarettes to allow a stranger to touch the guy at his breast or a bottle of wine kiss anyone. I do not know how to look like all these girls, but the ones I know personally, dress and behave with respect to challenging. They are almost always heavily dyed and not very well maintained. Continue reading

Ukrainian girls that think about men.

Who needs them, these men? In Valentine’s Day Ukrainian girls quietly tolerate loneliness, but men suffer.

Ukrainian women do not survive if they have to be held on 14 February in isolation, but the Ukrainian men are sad without “valentines” – these are the findings of a poll conducted by Mintel. 70% of men admitted that they hate solitude, but less than a third Ukrainian beauties share that feeling.

“Bad news for singles: tomorrow the situation does not improve. Unmarried Ukrainian ladies more satisfied with their lives than single men,” – says the article.

The researchers concluded: unmarried beautiful Ukrainian women value the opportunity to spend time and money as they please. “More than half of unmarried girls say they are happy to live the way they live now. Among men, bachelors this answer was given to 39%,” – the newspaper said.

Analysts said the needs of the people have changed. Traditional Ukrainian girls dreamed of love and a secure financial position in a family where the breadwinner husband. Continue reading

The beauty of Russian women – myth or reality?

It is widely believed the exceptional beauty of Russian women. But some believe that it is nothing more than a myth, and Russian women are vain hope that their appearance will make them competitive with their Western rivals in the fight for foreign husbands.

So what is actually a representation of the special beauty of Russian women, myth or reality? And think about this western men?I have never seen a single Russian woman of childbearing age, which would not be an absolute beauty, their average woman would have shamed our top models. No wonder I was like a kid in a shop with sweets, and will also feel you. I quote the opinion of one of my English friend: “When I arrived in Moscow, I was amazed at how many walks the streets of beautiful women. We in Britain can not walk the streets of so many beautiful women. ” As having been in England, I can confirm that he was right. Continue reading

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