Single Girls

Ukrainian girls that think about men.

Who needs them, these men? In Valentine’s Day Ukrainian girls quietly tolerate loneliness, but men suffer.

Ukrainian women do not survive if they have to be held on 14 February in isolation, but the Ukrainian men are sad without “valentines” – these are the findings of a poll conducted by Mintel. 70% of men admitted that they hate solitude, but less than a third Ukrainian beauties share that feeling.

“Bad news for singles: tomorrow the situation does not improve. Unmarried Ukrainian ladies more satisfied with their lives than single men,” – says the article.

The researchers concluded: unmarried beautiful Ukrainian women value the opportunity to spend time and money as they please. “More than half of unmarried girls say they are happy to live the way they live now. Among men, bachelors this answer was given to 39%,” – the newspaper said.

Analysts said the needs of the people have changed. Traditional Ukrainian girls dreamed of love and a secure financial position in a family where the breadwinner husband. Continue reading

Married and unmarried. who is happier?

russian girlMarried Russian women and women are free.

How many of them are happy, hard to say. In each state, you can find a lot of pros and cons. Married Russian women look ruefully about his “ruined” to unmarried youth, such free and independent. Unmarried Russian beauties look around envious glance married, going with the kids. As they say, well, where we do not.
In humans, there are two basic instincts – to live and give life to their offspring. In women, there is a third basic instinct – to get married. With this female is born. Therefore, the majority of Russian women, not even knowing why they need it, still want to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger. Of course, there are exceptions. But then, they are the exceptions that prove the rule. Continue reading

What misfortune lonely girls, who can not find a mate.

I often think, what’s the bad luck single girls, who can not find a mate? What is their problem? Where is the difficulty to decide in your life? What is the purpose to go on living? Why are girls often live on dating sites, sometimes for days on end?

It is no secret we are often sad and lonely when not there close to us man. Internet is always on hand and always it is available with a mobile phone, a laptop or computer. For help are always ready to dating. Similar sites promise we find love, find a friend, find happiness. Only it is doubtful happiness, matrix and illusory …

These girls do not mind short novel twist, such basking in a ray of happiness, bathed in waves attracted to other, encourage and shine ….. but time passes and everything destroyed. Think about themselves and hurt a man breaking a relationship at all and completely nothing to regret … Such difficult to detect. These girls have been divorced, I repeatedly. Imagine, you arrive at the door and then you say (glagol!) between us and the point … Continue reading

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