Single Girls

Can a girl baptized single girl?

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Godmother girls can not be single girls. And then goddaughter did not marry.
No, it’s prejudice and superstition. The most important thing to godmother was truly a believer, I felt responsible for his goddaughter. Social, material status of the cross there is not any difference.

Myth number 2.

After the baptism of the child godparents Mom and Dad can not marry each other? The people even have a saying: “The Godfather, with the godmother of a brother and sister.”
The canons of the Orthodox Church explicitly prohibit marriage: a) between the godfather and godmother of his daughter, b) between the godmother and godfather’s son, c) between the godparents and parents baptized. What about marriage between godparents no outright ban. Catholics also not against marriage between godparents. The church is also not against the fact that the cross becomes a boy and an single Russian girl who has decided to become husband and wife. In this case, the child was lucky. If godparents live together, they have a much better opportunity to fulfill his duties to his godson or goddaughter. Continue reading

Russian woman and her loneliness.

russian girlWhy so many Russian women are now deliberately not meet with anyone, and they say, “it is better to be alone than with anyone?”

This disappointment in men or it could affect injury after breaking up?What does it mean when a beautiful Russian woman says she gave up on men? This means that her soul is fear recurrence of pain from relationships with men. And when the pain is stronger than fear of loneliness, a Russian woman chooses absolutely refuse relationship because it excludes and unpleasant feelings. There is no relationship – no problem. Continue reading

Why beautiful Russian women are afraid of?

russian womanYou say, the question wrong? Beautiful Russian women are not afraid – they admire, envy them, they sing.

Yes, admire! Yes, jealous! Yes, sing! But this does not mean that every man dare call this Russian woman of his otherwise beautiful and lonely it would be much less. Why beautiful women are afraid? Rare person consciously capable of creating problems for yourself. According to men, a beautiful woman requires a special approach. This means that you have to make much fuss, which would detract from the global challenges. Man by nature lazy. Continue reading

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