Single Girls

How to become a better wife:

How to become a better wife:How to become a better wife, madden husband, excite, arouse desire again? Is it possible to learn the art of the best lover?

Below are a few rules to try on his experience simple Russian woman and skilled lover. Some tricks at first glance seem a trifle, but it can still change as “the course of history.” So start learning the elementary truths of sex.

Learn how to drive a car

Sex in the car – a great opportunity to diversify relations. How to become a better wife – learning to drive, effectively moving the arm speed. You can not even unload the bags and make love right in the garage. New momentum in relations is provided.

Set up alarm

How to become a better wife – to learn how to wake up in the morning favorite. If, instead of ringing the alarm on your man feel sleepy body gentle hands of his wife, it will be only through such a revival. That’s only after such a “ringing” must necessarily be followed by a sequel. Continue reading

Status of beautiful girls “not married”

Single GirlsPublic opinion says: “Up to 20 years old russian girl should get married!”.

We are used to the fact that every russian girl dreams of getting married, starting from the cradle, and the russian woman must necessarily be married (shape does not matter, come and civil marriage).Each of the fairer sex is simply obliged to mend someone’s socks, cook endless breakfast-lunch-dinner, show the wonders of sewing skills and skill roll with one hand banks of cucumbers (grown in their own country), and the other – ironing. Her main interest is definitely love for knitting, lace and macramé, beadwork, petit point, cross and technique of “Richelieu”, knowing by heart the books “Kitchen of the world”, “The Great Encyclopedia of cooking” and “10,000 dishes of cabbage, rice and buckwheat “and the art of origami and ikebana. She truly enjoys mixers, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, tea sets, a set of elephants or blue porcelain ballerina. Contemptuous looks at fur, gold jewelry and lingerie …
Dismal picture in which modern life has made a very serious changes. Beautiful girls do not want to get married (at least, so frantically), they are set to check a “high feeling” cohabitation and general way of life. The exception is the marriage of the Prince: the underground millionaire, with its own car park and a dozen boats. For him, the favorite, and you can learn the culinary encyclopedia by heart and learn to pickle cucumbers on old Indian recipes. Continue reading

Unmarried Russian woman pulls herself alone in her life.

Russian girlsThe problem with many single Russian women in their mothers. Told told Moscow matchmaker Rose Syabitova.

“The problems of many Russian girls – their mothers. Mama inspired her daughter that she is the best and worthy of her hand just prince charming. A prince is not met. Russian beautiful Girl already over 30, and she sits and waits. Because my mother said that only a prince married go necessary “, – says Rosa.

In the seminars help each Russian girl to see ourselves.

“If a beautiful girl’s hand leads mother kicks her out of the office. It will seek a husband not this, what her daughter needed. And one who needs him most.  Russian Girl ask to forget about all the teachings of parents and think with your head.”

Advised to think about the future positively.

“Stop whining beautiful girlfriend and mother to his loneliness. Ourselves attract loneliness in their lives. Ask yourself what you want to meet a man. Think about it every day. Thoughts will attract into your life to meet new people.”
Loneliness for beautiful women – worse smoking Continue reading

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