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What to do after having sex with a Russian girl

In order to know how to behave after sex, you first need to decide how important this is sex for you: it is only for one night, or this event, which will be continued. Once you decide, it will be easier to make a plan of action.

How to behave after sex, if only for one night?
If sex is the main aim of the day or in the evening, after you get it, you better to bow out with a Russian girl. So you give her act made it clear that it was you only need one night. Also, you can protect yourself from boring conversations and requests for the next meeting. If a Russian girl, just like you, just like sex, it will act the same way and it will charge you the full responsibility and discomfort.

If sex is in your home, and you can see that the excited sexy girl is in no hurry to gather, wait, there is a chance that your sexual adventures are not over yet and she is preparing for the second, more serious offense. However, if time goes by, and she is not going anywhere, you can ask her to leave as soon come your parents, relatives or roommates. Excuse certainly not serious, but it clearly gives the girl to understand that it is no longer willing to see here. Continue reading

Slavic girls the most beautiful?

So, why is the Slavic women are the most beautiful?

The answer is simple – because they are more willing to sell themselves and more dependent on men than western ladies. Often you can see how the twenty below Ukrainian girl goes through the city in a short jacket with an open umbilicus, high heels, in tight jeans and a truly scenic makeup at eight in the morning. Is it comfortable for her so? Of course not. But our Russian girls are always thinking about the impression they make on men.

Our men, leaving to Europe and watching the women out there that are free to walk the streets in comfortable clothes and sneakers, lamented that overseas not at all beautiful women. In fact, the beautiful people are everywhere – just Western women are not used to apply make-up only to pop out for bread, they do not tend to sell itself more profitable. And our men are accustomed to feel buyers and owners of life abroad is not clear – why local ladies do not care about what they think about the opposite sex? That concluded – European women scary as nuclear war and all the polls feminists. And then hurry home soon, where almost every woman it is important to select it and appreciated. Continue reading

How to seduce a Russian girl?

You spend a date with a Russian girl, how to make her seduce immediately after the meeting.

At what point to begin to touch the Russian beauty, the first time I kiss her. Useful information about the steps in this article!
You are sitting with a Russian lady on a date. You pretty much talking you great at finding common topics of conversation, an hour passed, two, you’re just hanging out. In my head periodically flashes thought: when you can kiss her? Then you myself agree that it will make a farewell. Then comes goodbye, you smiled at each other, spending. And like all good. But to seduce a date has nothing to do.Once you’re good with a Russian woman spoke, she became interested in you, trust you become, the woman should bring. Otherwise seduction will not, and you just stay with her friends. Can excite hints, metaphors, jokes, talk about sex. And you can touch it. And if you do it right the result will not wait. On the other hand, if you do it wrong, you just blew it. How can that be? In this article, we’ll give you a few good recipes. Continue reading

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