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The Dangers of abstaining from sex with a Russian girl, and not only?

sexy girls 911Sex with a Russian girl is a natural human need. Refusal or prolonged abstinence from it have a negative impact on health.

Let’s start with the fact that the human body is one of the most complex mechanisms in nature. And not just in terms of the physical device . Unique psychology as “the crown of nature.” Moreover, this set of factors, as different sexual constitution, education, values, etc., suggests that every person is different and unique.

Therefore, experts say, one size fits all does not comb your hair. Nevertheless, almost all of them agree on one thing: is prolonged lack of sexual satisfaction, many people may have problems with health.
Argued that, for example, men want sex more than a Russian woman, or vice versa – is wrong. Such statements are in the plane of psychology, family, religious education, cultural environment, but the physiology of no relation. Continue reading

How to please the Russian girl

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Touch it. Do it as if by chance, in between times, but your touch should speak for itself. They are brief, but they are all the fullness of feeling. For example, the Russian girl cut salad in the kitchen or watering flowers.

Carefully go up to her and, slowly, spend palms of your hands on her waist, down to the stomach. Then slowly Take your hands. This gesture would be enough to Russian woman felt the warmth and desire.
Kiss it, especially in those moments when she did not wait. Pay special attention to erogenous zones, such as the neck, back, shoulders. But your kisses need not be sensible, because the pleasure is not always associated with sex. Her laugh unexpected rumbling in the tummy or a kiss on the nose.
Whisper in her ear. Russian girls love to be told, not so much because of the spoken word, but rather because of the delicate breeze of your breath. And no need to say banal platitudes or boring compliments. If you say, then do not waste your intellect. Graceful joke or remark, uttered sensual ear, called to your Russian girlfriend moving experience to the game on this is clearly not over. Continue reading

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