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Polygamous men and Russian woman

Polygamous men and Russian women“Men are changing, because they are polygamous by nature” – such statements like raving lunatic and nothing more.

First, so say those who do not know the definition of the term. Secondly, let us share the concept of “polygamous” and “untrue.”
About men and Russian women.
Speculations about polygamous men should start with the value of the word. Translated from the Greek polygamy or polygamous marriage means numerous. This implies the presence of one man many marriage partners.
In some countries, the East and still allowed polygamy. Therefore, in this case it is appropriate to speak of a polygamous man, which involves the care, support, and the entire contents of each of his wife and any children.
For women approach the other. It is believed that the beautiful girl in nature should strive for monogamy. Well, let’s start shatters stereotypes and to fill all of our “gaps” in knowledge.
“I changed because I am naturally polygamy” Continue reading

Secrets of beautiful girls.

Russian girlsAll of the ladies have their own little tricks that are used especially when dealing with young people.

And when it comes to dating, men usually encounter the secrets of russian girls somewhere they do not agree, we generally prefer to remain silent and enigmatic smile. This behavior is not always found positive, many guys annoy beautiful girls secrets. Of course, trust and honesty are an integral part harmony. But, as a rule, it is not good for the ladies. One has only to lift the veil of mystery, as a potential suitor, and perhaps future husband immediately evaporates as if it had never existed.

So the russian girls for the most part carefully guard their past life, and prefer understatement or silence on questioning of first love, the first man, the first orgasm, and other intimate things. Secrets of beautiful girls relate not only to adult entertainment and many other things. If a lady young lady interested in a man, it can hide deep that he hates football, fishing, hunting and other masculine hobbies. And especially never talk about how self-satisfaction, which you can use. She will do everything to show how it can be an exemplary wife and a good housekeeper. Continue reading

How to find love?

beautiful girlWhat a fairy tale as a child was your favorite? Most beautiful girls of a certain age to somehow crazy every Cinderellas, Belosnezhek, Sleeping Beauty, the quiet life of a handsome prince who breaks a horse and provides an inexhaustible life happiness.

But it would be nice if all these romantic fairy stories remained there as a child.
Growing up, a beautiful girl to try on a specific image of a woman, and, believe me, modest, quiet, obedient to parents, work hard from dawn to dusk, but stunningly beautiful without the slightest attempt to make love to a hero – not one character who in reality would attract the attention of anyone even remotely looks like a prince!

Do you imagine a real, contemporary and relevant to the tales of Cinderella. She has finished school and high school on fat fives, and most likely, going to work. Not paying too: because she firmly believes that her fate – day in and day separated from buckwheat and peas get paid for their work just a reprimand, not a high income, and praise! After work, she galloped home runs, because decent girls own adventure and entertainment should not look! Continue reading

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