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What is a Russian doll: DOLL GIRLS WIN the Internet. PHOTO.

russian dollsGirls have their ribs removed, go for lip enhancement, regularly spend more than 3 hours to make-up their faces enhancing their faces and bodies beyond the average level toward some aesthetic ideal.

They crave for being … like dolls. Now the whole world is obsessed with a new fashion for living dolls. More and more girls, watching photoshoped babes strive to turn into Barbies by means of plastic surgery and cosmetics.

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Belarusian Barbie decided to outdo Barbie girl from Ukraine.

More and more young Russian girls want to look like a living doll.

For porcelain complexions they put on the face tons of foundation, glue false eyelashes every day and spend hours standing by the mirror to make hair “hair to hair.” And all the fault appears in social networks pictures and videos Russian beauties who either naturally, or through Photoshop just copies of the legendary Barbie doll. Continue reading

Ukrainian girl beauty care about the health.

ukrainian womenMost Ukrainian girls think of your body to look after in the first place for an attractive appearance, not health.

According to them, the company generously rewards people just for beauty.
A group of sociologists from the University of Farmkom interviewed dozens of Ukrainian girls of college age. All of them were asked to rate their own bodies, as well as to comment on how, in their opinion, the Ukrainian lady perceived modern mass culture. It turned out that the health is not a priority for the majority of study participants when it comes to healthy eating. Continue reading

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