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Ukrainian girls what they want?

The current state of Ukrainian society is very contradictory.Girls Ukraine

It is manifest different tendencies. Where now seeking young Ukraine beautiful women and girls? How do they see their purpose? And what does it depend?
I watch many of my friends and draw conclusions. What can I say? To me, all my friends Ukrainian girls can be divided into several groups.
First. They do not see their future in Ukraine no good. Tend to quickly leave the country. No matter where. This desire is due to such reasons as the dreadful financial situation, lack of opportunities, lack of their own homes as well. For these beautiful girls there is an army of marriage agencies, whose main task – to bring a beautiful Ukrainian women with a foreign bride, contribute to their relationship led to marriage. I must say that the problem is not as common.
Second. Very ambitious and quite intelligent people. Many higher education. Work at the university, on radio and television. Marriage is one of the main priorities in life. This motivated the beautiful girls tend to learn and develop. For example, one of my classmate finished graduate school and working as a teacher in high school. Reads Business Ukrainian language and something in Linguistics. Another classmate works leading television and a senior editor there. Third – chief editor of a magazine, but it is true, already married. In general, the range is large enough. Continue reading

Ukrainian nature of the feminine.

Girls UkraineOn the green slopes of the Dnieper is a girl competes only with golden domes of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

Ukrainian girl is ready to defend the city at any time. In one hand, it has – highly raised sword in the other – shield, determined face. This appears before arriving in Kiev a few pompous height of over 60 meters, steel figure Motherland.

The young generation of Ukrainians is the monument to the Soviet era with a touch of irony. For teenagers is more attraction. An elevator that runs inside of the monument, to the highest point and explore the city from a bird’s flight. In general, post-Soviet youth is not inclined to idealize the characters of the past. On the contrary, pragmatism, positive outlook, self-esteem and the ability to rely on their own strength – it features a new generation of Ukrainians. One of the symbols of the Soviet era, gone into oblivion, Motherland, simultaneously, more than anything else, reports Ukrainian society as a feature of the Soviet period, and for centuries before that. But perhaps the most modern displays its status. That Ukrainian girl portrayed warrior defender of the nation. But why not a man? The answer lies in the specificity of the family in Ukrainian. Continue reading

Why Russian women are single?

russian womenBeautiful, interesting interlocutor, correct behavior in society, supports the home comfort, great cook, but goes through life alone. Why?

A sense of loneliness pervades the consciousness, I want to start a family, but a decent man does not appear on the horizon. Alas, not everyone is able to be a wife and mother. Russian woman who constantly feels the loneliness begins to lose faith in men, thinks that happiness against her jealous girlfriend and everything else. But there are other important reasons.

What are the causes of loneliness of a Russian girl?

The main factor of the lack of applicants to join the union is the very desire that clearly read in the eyes of a lonely lady: “I want to marry.” A man is ready to storm the fortress, but his attention does not stop surrendered “production.” Subconsciously wanting to keep polygamous and freedom, man chooses the hard targets. Imagine that a hunter who tracks down and tried to catch deer, discovers that she runs to meet him. The most likely reaction to such a man is the desire to escape. This behavior has repeatedly described by professional psychologists. Demonstration of his obsessive desire for a husband is like a demonstration of the victim trap, and the man does not want to be your prisoner, his goal – to hunt. Continue reading

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Ukrainian girls what they want?
The current state of Ukrainian society is very contradictory. It is manifest different tendencies. Where now seeking young Ukraine beautiful women and girls? How do they see their purpose? And what does it depend? I watch many…