Facts about flirting and getting acquainted with a Russian girl

russian sexy girlsFew people who believe the experts and research, but it is much more than those who read these studies. Read on and you’re flirting with the research of and acquaintance with a Russian girl. But in handy.

1. Couples usually wait about 6-8 visits before they start officially dating.

2. Office Romance – a common phenomenon, and 4 out of 10 cases of work relations end marriage.

3. Men push noisy Russian women. If a Russian woman wants to date, she should move away from the noise of the band to give the man to approach her.

4. If you want to create instant rapport with the person during a conversation, say his or her name, at least two times. This shows your attention and the ability to establish communication.

5. Studies show that remembering the various information about a person and mentioning them in conversation, you will not only flatter another, but also show your interest.

6. When to call after a first date? Expert Opinions vary, but the ideal moment is the time in 2-4 days, but not longer than 4-5 days. If you call too early, it might seem a desperate step.

7. Most people disagree in 3-5 months after they met.

8. Russian women who post their photos on dating sites receive twice more messages than those that do not.

9. Dating sites for about 10 percent of the new accounts meet the love

10. About 33 percent of those who met on the Internet, create a relationship, 33 percent do not, and 33 percent reject the idea.

11. Studies show that people are twice as successful acquainted through the Internet than if they went to a nearby bar.

12. According to research, the famous dating site, 43 percent of respondents considered the most important fresh breath for 17 per cent had a value of stylish clothing for 15 – pleasant smell of perfume or cologne, and 14 percent – a good appearance of the skin, and for 10 – beautiful hair.

13. About 40 percent of men feel insecure when meeting with a Russian woman for the first time.

14. Polls show that the school, the university, cafes and shopping centers are the best places to flirt, because people are more open to meeting with others in the area. The worst places are restaurants and movie theaters.

15. According to research, how is a man (that is slouching or not) has a value of 80 percent of the time in the preparation of the first impression Russian women.

16. Repeating the gesture of your interlocutor, you quietly express your interest in it. However, be careful not to repeat every move.

17. Russian women for the most repulsive characteristics in men are acne, unkempt nails, flatulence and belching, missing teeth, bad body odor or bad breath and “stupid” points.

18. When a man is trying to get close to a Russian woman, she founded the 55 percent of the initial impressions of him on his appearance and body language, 38 percent of his way of speaking, and 7 percent on what he actually says.

19. If the Russian woman is interested in a man, she will smile or laugh at his jokes, playing with hair, paddle an object, such as a glass, blush when a man speaks a compliment to inflate or draw lips stammer or inclination towards men.

20. Signs that a Russian woman is not interested in a man include: avoiding eye contact, smile or no fake smiles, the deviation from the interlocutor, monosyllabic answers, stooped posture, frequent glances at his watch, tapping their feet and vacant look.

21. Beautiful Russian women are getting more views, winks and harassment, but these men and less suitable, because they lose confidence next to these women.

22. Studies show that men are aware that fell after three visits, and women fall in love only after the 14th date.

23. On average, occurring start kissing on the first date, and have sex after 4-6 visits.

24. A man is difficult to speak, if there’s two women there, as he does not want the two women felt abandoned. Therefore, if a woman wants to attract a man, she should bring two friends.

25. Russian woman can increase your chances that it will approach a man, if flatten crossed arms, exchanged a glance and smile.

26. Five types of Russian women, which men tend to avoid: the constant flirt, those who start too early spell of marriage, lovers of fun, anxious for nothing.

27. The four most common mistakes in dating include: being late, too much talk about themselves too much detail about past relationships and excessive zeal.

28. Men are most afraid that the woman will come between him and his friends, will not allow him to spend free time, become obsessive, will not respect him and will require constant attention.

29. People like mystery and “persecution”, so do not be too available to date. Experts on dating, as a rule, are advised not to rush too quickly into the bed to the other, because the longer the “persecution”, the more likely blossom love.

30. The study suggests that happiness is contagious, and potential partners can not get away from the happy people. Negativity is the most repulsive traits.

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