The Dangers of abstaining from sex with a Russian girl, and not only?

sexy girls 911Sex with a Russian girl is a natural human need. Refusal or prolonged abstinence from it have a negative impact on health.

Let’s start with the fact that the human body is one of the most complex mechanisms in nature. And not just in terms of the physical device . Unique psychology as “the crown of nature.” Moreover, this set of factors, as different sexual constitution, education, values, etc., suggests that every person is different and unique.

Therefore, experts say, one size fits all does not comb your hair. Nevertheless, almost all of them agree on one thing: is prolonged lack of sexual satisfaction, many people may have problems with health.
Argued that, for example, men want sex more than a Russian woman, or vice versa – is wrong. Such statements are in the plane of psychology, family, religious education, cultural environment, but the physiology of no relation.

To maintain physical and mental health need sex, both men and Russian women equally, but how often “do” this useful thing – every body “decides” itself. It depends on the individual characteristics of each person – sexual constitution, temperament, and others.
And if the person by virtue of any reason not to have regular sex? Or does not have it at all? Unfortunately, it is a scientifically proven fact: prolonged abstinence may cause a number of problems and even serious diseases. About this in more detail with the amendment to the floor.

Russian women

‘ll Skip ahead and talk about them.
Gynecological diseases – one of the most serious consequences of abstinence for the female body. Their reason is that in the event of sexual arousal blood rushes to the genitals, and in the case of sexual intercourse does not occur, it stagnates in the pelvis.

Consequences – different adnexitis, breast and other gynecological disorders.
Also, often in the absence of Russian women sex is painful menstruation, and to cope with the pain medication does not help any.

Immune system problems. Physiologists have long been proven that people who engage in regular sexual activity, immunity is 30% higher. In the formation of immune sex life makes its very important contribution, because sex stabilizes blood pressure, supports the tone of blood vessels, is an excellent prevention of strokes and heart attacks.
Weight. Many Russian women try to compensate for the deficiency of endorphins (happy hormones released during sex) food. Accordingly, we obtain the desired pleasure, Russian ladies quickly gaining extra pounds. And some are even worse alternative – alcohol. The consequences of such a change, perhaps even worse than the extra pounds.
Hormonal disruptions. One of the unpleasant effects of prolonged abstinence – increasing the number of male hormones in the female body. The result: significantly decreases the quality of the skin, wrinkles appear early, unwanted hair on the face, tiny pimples. But due to lack of collagen (stimulates the production of sex) before aging skin loses elasticity.

Psychological sphere . Depression, low mood, irritability – a woman with a maladjusted sex life, as they say, is visible from afar . A substitute sexual satisfaction, whether we like it or not, can neither supplements nor psychotherapy.


Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, the risk of prostate … The older a man is, the more the dangers of long-term abstinence. Moreover, the mature man to get back in shape, it will take longer and possibly to trained sexologist.
Psychological aspect. As with women, men with long-term abstinence may occur adverse changes in mental health. They become irritable, nervous, there is a tendency to depression or aggression.
In that case, if abstinence coincides with mid-life crisis, psychological danger increases.
Hormonal disorders. These changes are fraught not only the accumulation of extra pounds and skin problems. Overabundance of hormones negatively displayed on the male psyche – may appear obsessive, various delusions, split personality.
Reprogramming personality. We do not want to frighten our women, but sometimes the result of sexual abstinence is a change of sexual orientation. No possibility of sexual intercourse with a woman for some men, wrapped in that they as a sexual object begin to consider the persons of the same sex.

How often?
Answer to this question is no. While sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies of man,
frequency of sexual activity – a purely personal.
Trust your body, guided by his needs and in any case do not make the joy of communicating with the opposite sex in any mandatory procedure “to health.” But do not forget that, not finding out, the sexual energy will consume the body from the inside.

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