Six errors groom on their first date: how to keep the bride

Six errors groom on their first date: how to keep the brideFirst date soon, but the groom fear to spoil something already here. Therefore rasskazhev you about common mistakes groom on their first date.

How to continue the relationship further after the first date, if you are sure that this is it, your fiancee, your future wife?

Mistake number 1 Do not talk too much
It is understandable that you want to tell a favorite as you can about yourself, but tell you a secret that beautiful girls are not very favor talkers.

It will be much more effective if you focus on your perevedesh beautiful girl and you genuinely interested in her person. But do not go to extremes, silent and short answers also may not like the young lady. Do not answer the questions in monosyllables and did not show his displeasure, even if you think that questioning is too tricky, a Russian girl you can just check.

Mistake number 2 Do not let her miss

If you’re trying to say something nice girl, and she kept looking at the sides or on mobile, it means only one thing: she’s bored. But all is not lost, you just need to change the subject. For example, ask about the latest interesting movie that she watched, or about where she vacationed last summer.

Mistake number 3 Do not drag her there in bed

Even if you have already decided that she is your bride, do not allude to sex at the first date. Let me reassure you that this behavior does not exclude sex, but first has to raise this issue myself a beautiful girl.
Do not drag it right into bed
You will not believe, but your attention to her words and simulated interest are much more excited response than vulgar hints of bed.

Mistake number 4 Do not be boring

If a beautiful Russian girl said she must go home, politely ask her to stay can be a couple of times, no more. High pressure may just scare or annoy the beautiful girl, and second date may no longer be. Not worth it to bother with phone calls and smskami. If you have not had a girl to the house, but only put in a taxi, be polite to call and ask how to get there, and she said good night.

Mistake number 5 Not zli her talk about his former

Even if she is well aware that you were married or you have recently ended a long relationship, no need new passion to talk about their exes. Believe me, even a simple phrase: “I know this cafe, there was my wedding”, will be a failure. The past must die for you when you meet eyes with a new girlfriend.

To a question about past relationships can answer briefly, that they were, but in the past. If you’re important to know whether a new passion to someone you can politely ask, but do not need to specify details, unless she herself decides to share it with you.
Neither make silly bride
Mistake number six was not present her silly

If you for some reason decided that you have a beautiful Russian girl of different social status or intellectual levels, do not neglect her opinion and openly make fun of her ignorance. Even if she could not answer in time to the question of the Swedish capital, it does not say anything about its level of development. Maybe she just decided to test your reaction to his ignorance.

The same applies to the question of money. It is not necessary to articulate their incomes Russian girl, hoping to hear the admiring exclamations. If a beautiful Russian girl, not materialistic, your bragging will only ironic laugh, and not respect.

Let your first date will be the beginning of a long relationship. Avoid errors groom, and everything will be fine.

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