Polygamous men and Russian woman

Polygamous men and Russian women“Men are changing, because they are polygamous by nature” – such statements like raving lunatic and nothing more.

First, so say those who do not know the definition of the term. Secondly, let us share the concept of “polygamous” and “untrue.”
About men and Russian women.
Speculations about polygamous men should start with the value of the word. Translated from the Greek polygamy or polygamous marriage means numerous. This implies the presence of one man many marriage partners.
In some countries, the East and still allowed polygamy. Therefore, in this case it is appropriate to speak of a polygamous man, which involves the care, support, and the entire contents of each of his wife and any children.
For women approach the other. It is believed that the beautiful girl in nature should strive for monogamy. Well, let’s start shatters stereotypes and to fill all of our “gaps” in knowledge.
“I changed because I am naturally polygamy”
So, a man covers his infidelity from ancestors animal instincts. Only here, in contrast to the fauna, man, in most cases, having sex for pleasure. A desire to go “left” do not arise from a desire to continue their family.
And polygamous men is not being. Based on the definition of the term, comparing it with the behavior of men, we see that every ring-bark “beautiful woman” is no big hurry. Men sometimes do not contain a single family in the state, not to mention a few. One must be careful in his statements and attempts to justify himself.
Let’s not forget that we still are wise, endowed with consciousness, conscience and morality. The desire to have many partners, cheating men say about his inability to be faithful. On that there can be different reasons for this:
age. The young man, as a rule, is hot and passionate, so loving and looking for adventure and fun. With age, sexual desire may be somewhat diminished;
psychological characteristics. Inferiority complex, sexual concern against the possible mental disorders – all this “forces” a man to have many sexual partners. For him it is a method of self-assertion;
physiological characteristics. The excess of male hormones sometimes tempting to think if a man is a constant sexual hunger.
Frequent change of partners due to personality and characteristics of the circumstances, but not the nature of male and female.
By the way, the question of women. Returning to the notion of talking about polygamous women makes no sense. Few of those who need a few husbands, then one would have to cope with.
Russian woman to strive for monogamy. However, the choice of “male”, worthy father for their future children she comes great responsibility. Before the marriage, it can be a sufficient number of partners. But in marriage, usually represents loyalty and devotion to her husband.

Why Husbands change more often than his wife? Ironically, the reason is the ability to adapt. Any modifications in the home, in relationships with a spouse woman prinaravitsya easier than men. Difficult to adapt to the new conditions of the last push for a more simple solution to this problem – to the changing conditions and circumstances. This is why men have mistresses, second family. Maybe there they get what they lack at home.
Of course, this approach is wrong and leads to a dead end. Instead of “flee” to find the strength to establish a relationship with his wife, to return harmony to your home.

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