How to find love?

beautiful girlWhat a fairy tale as a child was your favorite? Most beautiful girls of a certain age to somehow crazy every Cinderellas, Belosnezhek, Sleeping Beauty, the quiet life of a handsome prince who breaks a horse and provides an inexhaustible life happiness.

But it would be nice if all these romantic fairy stories remained there as a child.
Growing up, a beautiful girl to try on a specific image of a woman, and, believe me, modest, quiet, obedient to parents, work hard from dawn to dusk, but stunningly beautiful without the slightest attempt to make love to a hero – not one character who in reality would attract the attention of anyone even remotely looks like a prince!

Do you imagine a real, contemporary and relevant to the tales of Cinderella. She has finished school and high school on fat fives, and most likely, going to work. Not paying too: because she firmly believes that her fate – day in and day separated from buckwheat and peas get paid for their work just a reprimand, not a high income, and praise! After work, she galloped home runs, because decent girls own adventure and entertainment should not look!
Even his eyes assumed a fellow traveler in the bus she felt ashamed! And if someone is trying to work up the courage and get to know this special, it strongly suppresses rapprochement – she is waiting for the prince, but ordinary men, even cute and pleasant to talk to, do not have a chance.
So her life is established, and, despite the vague dreams of a magical meeting Prince there is no place in reality! Several problems in order to find love, “sitting behind the stove,” Prince does not know that there is a great N, which has agreed to meet with him. Because N is not anywhere where potential are found princes. And if it is, it behaves as arrogant and cold, that is no longer any desire to learn. Beautiful N believes that beauty gifted by nature, is enough. She must love such as it is, so try to change something in their appearance in order to please men, simply immoral! And if princes prefer groomed, tastefully and fashionably dressed, does not shun the achievements of modern beauty industry “shepherdess”, then do not it such a prince! Find love and get married – two different things! But not all girls understand that in order to get married, you first need to talk to different men and understand the meaning of love – to love itself, and not in the pursuit of the “right” life script.
And give up the opportunity to understand themselves and the men too stupid – not always the first available man is thus the best! “Zapechnaya” Beauty does not understand that a man has the right to choose, and he does not have to get married after the first date! And she Serve immediately serious relationship – without opening phase, when a man has no promises, but simply sizing and flirting. Therefore, it does not attempt to interest a man. More often than not, she barely breaks originated relationship screaming “That kid, we have twice walked in the cafe, and he does not want to meet with my mom!”. The absence of a realistic image of an imaginary person, relations with whom she wants. That is, the supposed male image of the girl who wants to find love for “stove” is, but it is idealized – there is not a single defect, no individual lines – it’s a prince! But in real life there are none – this young lady and drives unworthy Cavaliers in the hope of a phenomenon Mr. ideal!
What are the chances that a modest homebody Cinderella story ends with a meeting with the Prince and many years of happy life together? In fairy tales, it always happens. But in real life – very rare. But it so happens that Cinderella annoying wait for a miracle to crush suitors, and, in desperation, she married a simple shepherd. And they will be happy or not – in general, it is a matter of chance … strive, to seek, to find and not to yield! The opposite, the active, the search strategy of their love, as it is believed was permissible for women only in the last 100 years. Wanting to find love, she declares “open season” – create an account on the dating sites, notifies all her friends, asking to acquaint her with idle friends, begins to walk on the “zlachnym shtetls” type restaurants and nightclubs, and from casual Dating Do not dismiss . As a rule, it brings results – she was invited on a date, to establish relationships of varying degrees of severity.
Plus “strategy of active search ‘: The girl begins to understand the psychology (and physiology) men. “The simple shepherd” is not hung her noodles on the ears, wanting to pretend to be a prince! A clear understanding of what she wants from men. Starting with a range of income and ending culinary tastes. Understanding of what it wants from the relationship – a quick marriage, fun and pleasure, peace of mind? It will be something to remember in old age, however, the active search for the love found and Cons: Too specific requirements for men.
After dozens of meetings and countless correspondences on the Internet can be difficult to look at the heart of the next candidate and feel that it is a pleasant and intelligent man. Because unwittingly begins “snapping options under” – which is cut trousers as chewing, what shape his nails, etc. Boredom, formality visits. One of my friends, searching for love is such an active way, once said: “It feels like I’m not on a date, and at the interview.” Because instead of easy excitement and trepidation, it is appropriate on a first date “, or not?
I liked him or not, “comes the certain knowledge that, if this will not work, what exactly will be the next (because tomorrow is scheduled next first date.) In general, in modern conditions it is appropriate not to sit on the stove, and look for love itself and not to interfere with the men looking for you!
However, subordinate all his life to finding love is also not necessary: ??men like fire run away from ladies who like written on my forehead, “I want a serious relationship, here and now, get married to anyone!”. In order to find the love you need to work and himself – not just to be nice and a good cook, but also to be able to make friends, interesting to talk to, to have their own world view, hobbies … How to find love: be active or sit and wait?

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