Unmarried Russian woman pulls herself alone in her life.

Russian girlsThe problem with many single Russian women in their mothers. Told told Moscow matchmaker Rose Syabitova.

“The problems of many Russian girls – their mothers. Mama inspired her daughter that she is the best and worthy of her hand just prince charming. A prince is not met. Russian beautiful Girl already over 30, and she sits and waits. Because my mother said that only a prince married go necessary “, – says Rosa.

In the seminars help each Russian girl to see ourselves.

“If a beautiful girl’s hand leads mother kicks her out of the office. It will seek a husband not this, what her daughter needed. And one who needs him most.  Russian Girl ask to forget about all the teachings of parents and think with your head.”

Advised to think about the future positively.

“Stop whining beautiful girlfriend and mother to his loneliness. Ourselves attract loneliness in their lives. Ask yourself what you want to meet a man. Think about it every day. Thoughts will attract into your life to meet new people.”
Loneliness for beautiful women – worse smoking

The problem with most unmarried ladies that they blame themselves alone.

“Unmarried women are thinking: Oh, all the good have already discussed, and I will not need it. Only the Alfonso, sissy and assholes. With this approach, you only come across these and., Our families live on stereotypes: in 20 beautiful Russian women should be Mom, 40 – grandmother. If you are 30 no marriage is not called, then something is wrong. And who said that after 30 a beautiful woman is worse? ”

Observation matchmaker, married woman after 30 is similar to the crow.

“It is a crow who does not know or where flies or wants. Clings casual jacket men, not because he is good, but just to be. And in my head constantly pulsing thought: maybe better turn up. Then throw it, I’ll go to another. But when a Russian woman always goes with random men, she loses the “instinct of the bride”, is no longer hunted. Now men are lazy. learned that revolves around someone has to lose interest. he better wait for the “free tram” find out what “and her boyfriend with this something serious?”

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