Can a girl baptized single girl?

Myth number 1jzG8lmfhM_I

Godmother girls can not be single girls. And then goddaughter did not marry.
No, it’s prejudice and superstition. The most important thing to godmother was truly a believer, I felt responsible for his goddaughter. Social, material status of the cross there is not any difference.

Myth number 2.

After the baptism of the child godparents Mom and Dad can not marry each other? The people even have a saying: “The Godfather, with the godmother of a brother and sister.”
The canons of the Orthodox Church explicitly prohibit marriage: a) between the godfather and godmother of his daughter, b) between the godmother and godfather’s son, c) between the godparents and parents baptized. What about marriage between godparents no outright ban. Catholics also not against marriage between godparents. The church is also not against the fact that the cross becomes a boy and an single Russian girl who has decided to become husband and wife. In this case, the child was lucky. If godparents live together, they have a much better opportunity to fulfill his duties to his godson or goddaughter.

Myth number 3.

The child’s mother (sometimes said to be the father, too) should not be present at the baptism of the child. “40 days after the birth of the mother’s death walks”
Catholics say that the presence of the mother and the father is a must. At baptism they act on behalf of the child. During the ceremony they want a responsible and informed participation in the sacrament, which dramatically changes the future of their child.
In the Orthodox Church is that if the baptism of the child occurs before the 40th day after his birth, the mother did not attend the christening. This is due to the need to fully restore a beautiful girls body after childbirth. After 40 days of the child’s birth mother’s presence is allowed and even encouraged.

Myth number 4.

The child must cry when it is immersed in water or water with a little water face. This is a good sign.
A baby crying, or lack thereof in baptism no fateful irrelevant. Regardless of this, God will save a person as a son or daughter, explain in the Orthodox Church. And in the church remind us that baptism should not look like these external manifestations and give them global, and especially sacred significance. You must try to penetrate into the depths of the mystery that happens to a man, and a man by the direct arrival in his life of Christ.

Myth number 5.

Baptismal clothes to keep for life
Orthodox believers are really trying to keep the white baptismal clothes for life. She – a symbol of joy, purity, a reminder of the baptismal vows. And Catholics maintain that tradition. But in the church remind us that we must not store clothes as a talisman or amulet which protects, but as a sign and symbol of holiness, which gave impetus to the Baptism.

Myth ? 6

Pregnant Russian woman can not baptize the child
Catholics say: can. On this point there is no banning orders. Conversely, godmother is a person who himself is a new life, and certainly knows her price. Such a person can only be a good godmother. Orthodox: It may be the only difficulty is that pregnant Russian girl have to cross about half an hour to keep the child in her arms.

Myth ? 7

Can not refuse, if asked to be godparents
Need to weigh their internal forces, capabilities, life circumstances. But purposely avoided this honor is not worth it. By participating in the spiritual education of his godson, the godparent is a good opportunity to improve myself. Unfortunately, most of the Cross – is, first and foremost, friends of parents and only then – the cross. Choosing godparents to your children, you need to think about the person’s ability to really help you in the spiritual education of your offspring, and not to further strengthen ties with someone their own friendship.

Myth ? 8

Godparents must be the faith in which they baptize the child.
Catholics are required to have at least one parent who was a Catholic. Orthodox Christians believe that both godparents must belong to the church in which they baptize the child. Godfather – first teacher of faith for his godson. And if you belong to a religious denomination, then inevitably there are contradictions.

Myth number 9.

The name under which a child baptized, you all hide.
Catholics: It makes no sense. Name in nature – it’s something obvious, which is directly related to human identity. Therefore, at the beginning of the rite of baptism parents should openly and publicly to name their child. Orthodox: the person’s name is sacred, because it is connected with the name of some of the saints, close to God, people. Superstitiously hiding the Christian name of the child, the parents, to some extent break the mysterious connection between them and the child of his patron.

Myth ? 10

All the sins of the child automatically becomes a sin and his godparents
Catholics responded this way: the church – it is not nuclear power plant, and baptism – not a chain reaction. God sees each of us is individually. Orthodox: in baptism sins are not transferred from one person to another, and forever washed away by the Holy Spirit.

Myth number 11.

A priest can not refuse the baptism of the child
In baptism not decline, and usually lay for a while, if there are any obstacles to moral or personal character. Most often this is due to the unwillingness of the parents or godparents.

Myth number 12.

 If the parents are not married, the child can not be baptized
Of course, the priest advises parents to get married. But if Mom and Dad do not, this is an obstacle for the baptism will not.

Myth number 13.

Godparents must somehow specially prepared for the baptism of the child
Catholics before baptism held several meetings with parents, during which they explain what kind of responsibility they take. In Orthodoxy, it is believed that the godparents must pass an interview with the priest, confession, communion, try to pay more attention to their inner spiritual peace and prayer.
Thank Belarusian Orthodox Church priest George Roy and the priest of the Catholic Church in Belarus Alexander Amelchenya for assistance in preparing the material.

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