What to do after having sex with a Russian girl

In order to know how to behave after sex, you first need to decide how important this is sex for you: it is only for one night, or this event, which will be continued. Once you decide, it will be easier to make a plan of action.

How to behave after sex, if only for one night?
If sex is the main aim of the day or in the evening, after you get it, you better to bow out with a Russian girl. So you give her act made it clear that it was you only need one night. Also, you can protect yourself from boring conversations and requests for the next meeting. If a Russian girl, just like you, just like sex, it will act the same way and it will charge you the full responsibility and discomfort.

If sex is in your home, and you can see that the excited sexy girl is in no hurry to gather, wait, there is a chance that your sexual adventures are not over yet and she is preparing for the second, more serious offense. However, if time goes by, and she is not going anywhere, you can ask her to leave as soon come your parents, relatives or roommates. Excuse certainly not serious, but it clearly gives the girl to understand that it is no longer willing to see here.

If you enjoyed the time spent with a Russian lady, or if you want more, just ask her to stay. Any girl who feels for you at a minimal sympathy, these words will be very pleasant. This way, you not only bring happiness to his partner, but please yourself by attractive ladies and increase the chances of the evening. Next you need to continue to have fun in the same spirit. That is, if you were drinking and having fun, do not do otherwise, if you just talk, then continue your conversation. What is all this? If this scenario has led you to what you have had sex before, it means that he will lead you to the same and now!

If all the action takes place at the Russian girlfriend at home, I would advise you to leave right after sex, it does not matter whether you want to stay or not. In this act you will save yourself from failure and inconvenience: you want to stay, and she tells you that you should go. And if she still wants you to stay, it would, I’m sure 70 percent, it will ask you about it herself.

If you have sex in a neutral territory, then act according to their feelings. If a girl like – keep it on, if not – and are looking for any reason to say that you need to go.

If you do not want a relationship, but would like to repeat that night, and even more than once, then say so girl. I know many women who are also looking for guys just having fun and crazy sex. Maybe she’s one of them, and then you are lucky to find a good sex partner.

How to behave after sex with a Russian girl that you like?

If you have just had the first sex with a beautiful Russian girl that you like, then the logical conclusion would be a night spent together. If you have sex at home, the girl was left to offer exactly what you need, but if sex is a girl, then she has to take the initiative, but your participation is not excluded.

If you during or after sex you realize that the girl you like, try to invite her to stay, or, at least, agree to meet again. If she could not stay, but she liked the idea of ??the meeting, I am sure that you also love her. If a girl refused to meet the night and then it is better to stay on and do not stoop to her. She used you in the same way as you do it.

It should be remembered that no one canceled breakfast and coffee in bed. If the girl you like, and agreed to stay for the night, this is a great way to conquer it. It is important to be prepared and to know how to act. You can buy a bunch of flowers and try to prepare their own breakfast. Such gestures have always led the girls in ecstasy, and if so far it to you did not feel anything after that it will just sympathy.

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