Why Russian women are single?

russian womenBeautiful, interesting interlocutor, correct behavior in society, supports the home comfort, great cook, but goes through life alone. Why?

A sense of loneliness pervades the consciousness, I want to start a family, but a decent man does not appear on the horizon. Alas, not everyone is able to be a wife and mother. Russian woman who constantly feels the loneliness begins to lose faith in men, thinks that happiness against her jealous girlfriend and everything else. But there are other important reasons.

What are the causes of loneliness of a Russian girl?

The main factor of the lack of applicants to join the union is the very desire that clearly read in the eyes of a lonely lady: “I want to marry.” A man is ready to storm the fortress, but his attention does not stop surrendered “production.” Subconsciously wanting to keep polygamous and freedom, man chooses the hard targets. Imagine that a hunter who tracks down and tried to catch deer, discovers that she runs to meet him. The most likely reaction to such a man is the desire to escape. This behavior has repeatedly described by professional psychologists. Demonstration of his obsessive desire for a husband is like a demonstration of the victim trap, and the man does not want to be your prisoner, his goal – to hunt.

The second reason for loneliness is ready to do everything for the convenience of man. Consent and obedience must be measured out, and does not become habitual state. Such behavior a man bored, he will find entertainment on the side. When the Russian lady at the first call is ready for everything, it is not taken seriously as a goal that you want to reach. Some women resign themselves that the man does not respond to letters and messages, reset calls to disappear with friends or another passion. This Russian woman waiting call and ready to take a loved one, no questions asked. Man finds it a haven to rest, relax, and then sent to the new feats. Conditions of peace and comfort quickly bored, he knows that such a woman will not have problems, and wants to conquer new ones. Submissive, ready to comfort and take a woman in the eyes of the hunter does not look targeted, and alternate airport, where comfortable, but boring.

Completely self-contained ladies are also not being desired by men. He ceases to feel the defender. If all the ladies may itself, successful in their career or business, why should men support? So says the majority of men, considering a strong woman unable to become the guardian of the family hearth. Therefore, strong ladies too often alone. Their words and success can hurt pride males. This woman does not even take into your account the lack of calls and messages from the gentleman. She does not care once talking on the phone, she recalls of her loneliness only in the company of married friends, for family holidays and when there is an unexpected free time. To comply with social stereotypes, strong woman may say that he wants to marry, but deep down realizes that it needs no extra problems and household chores.

How not to become hostage to a fantasy of Prince Charming?

The fourth leading cause of loneliness, of course, is the availability and readiness of women to sexual relations when we first met. You just met, but feel that this is your second half? Do you think the same as the chosen thoughts? No, he will not give you a good time, but the marriage can not dream. Man sees his wife a woman who stands out for its clarity, intelligibility in sexual relationships. With the rapid up-close you cease to be men, disappear from his thoughts, as done deal. At best, he will ask for your phone number, and you’ll see a couple of times. The level of marriage, this relationship does not pass.

Fifth cause of loneliness is an idealization of the image. Beautiful Russian girl in vain waiting for a man who has conquered its own merits, no flaws. Can not be combined in a single person ready to exploit, prudence, care, beauty, material wealth and loyalty. Each holder of a flawed and not up to the level of fantasy prince. Woman captive nonexistent way, sees that the husbands of her friends are far from ideal, prefers to be alone in private with a dream, and not next to a real person. From the creation of the image should be discarded, to root out from the minds of the stereotype and start looking for a man who will be a real and not a made-up character. Sometimes in building castles in the air and an unshakable faith in the fairy-tale prince, according to family psychologists, blame the parents who always told her daughter that she is the best and should be close to a decent man. Russian woman, who fancies himself an ideal, in other notices only disadvantages.

One of these reasons is rarely present in nature in its pure form, most often they are combined, imposing a significant impact on the fate of women. But unbiased analysis, sober self-esteem and behavioral modification to help find family happiness.

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