How to touch a Russian girl?

russian ladiesTouching (physical layer) – the study of the surface and shape of the body with the fingers, lips, or other items.

Touch (on a spiritual level) – is a special language through which people show and convey their feelings to each other.
Thanks to the touch, we can understand that to a certain person we feel we have the opportunity to feel the force of his sexual desire and, therefore, can be excited yourself.

Types and importance of touch:

1. Friendly. Designed to convey your respect for the person, or just tender feelings. To friendly touch include hugging, kissing.

 – Embrace. If you know or just a guess, that the Russian girl something feels to you, but you do not answer the feeling, try to meet with not much to her embrace. Your arms should be “dry”. Try to get your hands not fully embraced Russian woman behind him, and just lay on her shoulders. With this announcement has not hug her waist and touch her with his body. So she’ll quickly realize that you have no feelings for her.

– Kisses. If you have to kiss on the cheek with a beautiful girl, you do not like, try to touch was cold. Kiss with a girl like you to kiss my mother. You can just substitute the girl’s cheek. This way you help her to switch to someone else.

If you both understand that only friendship between you, do not hesitate to show their emotions in touch. You can hug her waist, gently kiss on the cheek. I also want to say that you should alternate between gentle hugs and simple. And then, if you are always very caring, then she can not understand it, and eventually fall in love with you.

2. Romantic. People use them to show that they feel sympathy for each other, or even something more.

– Embrace. If you want to show your arms Russian lady that you care about it, then hug her very gently and firmly. Imagine that you have not seen each month, and they gave you a date, only 5 minutes. Or think of the children hugging their toys or pets and do the same. It will be very good if your body will be full contact. Can hug her waist and even neck. Only when you hold her by the neck, do it gently. No need to do anything to break it.

– Kisses. A kiss on the lips – not always the most romantic. If you kiss a girl on the forehead, it is 100% understand that love you, and you are ready to take care of her. With this kiss, grabbed her head with her hands, leaning over to kiss her, and over the bridge. After that, it will be good pressed her forehead against her forehead and look into her eyes. Can you kiss a girl a couple of times on the cheeks, nose, eyes, or the places that you like in her face. Such actions will speak more than a thousand words.

If you want to kiss a Russian girl on the lips, do it after an embrace and a kiss on the forehead. It would be better if your hands are on the neck or on the cheeks girls – so kissing is very sensual. Not in a hurry and kiss a girl like you doing it for the last time.

– Touching hands. If you really want to pass because of their feelings, then pat the back side of your finger cheek girl. After stroked his cheek, you can go down and walk a couple of times his fingers on her lips and neck. Such movements will create the impression that you gentle man, and perhaps even excite Russian beauty.

3. Erotic or sexual. They aim to bring a human sexual arousal or desire.

– Touching fingers. The intensity of your touch should depend on what result you want to achieve. If you want to bring your girl first, and then do with her passionate sex, your movements should be confident and daring. Conversely, if you want to make love tenderly, then, respectively, and your movements should be gentle.

Start with the fact that your fingers will caress the girl’s body: neck, belly, belly button, and then the vagina. You can use a piece of ice. If you need a quick result, then pay more attention to the vagina. In this case, not have to be very gentle.

– Kisses. With kisses try to move throughout the body, but pay more attention to the individual sections: nipples, belly shoulders, stomach, butt, vagina. They are most sensitive to touch.

– Touch the language. This, of course, much the same as kissing. But the language itself is more delicate, so it must exert stronger. Nipples, halos around them, and the stomach, can both kiss and lick.

– Touch a member. If you want a quick sex, then this technique is better not to use it. It is designed for long and sensual lovemaking. Try to drive a member of the body of his girlfriend. You can, you drive them around the vagina, and then move up or, conversely, to begin from the neck down to the girl and her vagina. Also remember shuffled his cock in her ass.

Of course, not all girls can like that. But in my opinion, this prelude shows that both partners perceive sex as a kind of art and enjoy it.

– Rubbing against each other as a kind of touch. Such imitation sex is best when a couple wants to have sex cocky. Friction phone is very exciting. About that there is no advice. All that is needed is simply to surrender to the desires and instincts.
Knowing that has every touch, use it to your advantage. Hug, kiss and caress the girls as much as you need it to get a result that you expect. Good luck to you.

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