How to interest a beautiful Russian girl.

russian sexy womanThe fact that some members of the stronger sex are hesitant to take the lead in contact with the new Russian girl, is an undeniable fact.

For this, there are many reasons, but one of the key is that they do not know what might happen. It may happen that a guy like a beautiful girl and chat will naturally and easily. And it may be that poor throw, and then he would walk all night down in the mouth. And anyway, who knows what else can be! That uncertainty and stops.

How to interest a Russian woman? What is the psychology of a girl in a relationship? Issues of concern to any man at some point in his life. Of course, it would be very cool if there was to know the beginning, if the guy is interested in this particular female or not. If you know in advance that a certain girl you interested, then the meet would be simple and easy. Because then it would be enough to look around, pick the one you want to be interested, and to approach with confidence. All you know in advance: first it mean to break, then will laugh over your jokes, then give number, date … boring.

But the world is the way it is. You can not know in advance who is interested in you. But we can share with you what you can do to evoke sympathy and interest of almost everyone. Yes, yes, just about everyone. Of course, you can simply resort to the technique of manipulating people, but let’s not look for the easy way.

What you need to interest a beautiful girl

It will use the first rule is: you’re not a piece of paper of one hundred dollars to interest everyone. Inability to interest him all by itself will give you an advantages. Sounds a bit contradictory, but the way it is. Even if you are not trying to please you and behave more naturally.

Therefore, when meeting, be sure there will be those who do not have an incentive to communicate with you that you do not like. This should be taken for granted. Therefore we advise you right now very upset this incident and subsequently take it coolly.

Russian girl interested in a guy who is good conversation (this rule applies to meet and communicate with the girl on the Internet.) What does this mean? He’s a good storyteller. It always has in stock a couple of great stories that can only tell it is interesting, and the only way that everyone listen with their mouths open. Stories can be different: breeding tarantulas, sports, travel, even work. Hero, telling these stories are exposed to extreme emotions during stories. And the presence of these kinds of stories he is growing.

In addition to being an interesting man and a wonderful storyteller, he never forgets about the interlocutor, in this case, the interlocutor. Remember that women love with their ears. You will add points timely compliment. And, importantly, his sincere compliments. He’s really excited about the fact that touts, and the girls can feel it. He gives compliments often than other men, but never makes a compliment for the compliment. His compliments not beaten because he praises very young girl. Even simple words like “you have beautiful eyes,” so interested that she will melt only the voice. But it is in the ideal.

But a compliment to be earned. If a man just come to a beautiful girl and starts to rub her compliments, it will not be interesting and too sugary. With some such focus is, and some do not. Especially this focus does not go to those who know the psychology of men in relationships. But there are exceptions, there are guys who it turns out. The whole question you what you prefer. So experiment!

What a compliment to say a girl to interest her

If you talk to the girl that she is beautiful and so, you stand in line with the “original” guys that have already noted. The same may apply to the chest, eyes, figure, hair, etc. You should see the punch line, which she seeks to demonstrate and underline. In this case, the chances are increased interest her. Let’s say, the walk, well-chosen accessories, and be sure to ask the question, so she could not escape a banal “Thanks.”

Option compliment: “You know that your gait sleeker than the rest. Does that stand out from the others. That said, who wants to understand the world, the one not in a hurry. Although usually all somewhere in a hurry. You have a free day? “.

Motivate girl compliments – is an art that can be learned, and for this it is necessary to train. When you do this, start to notice girls. Try to find some of each feature, then over exactly what this girl is working and what is in her pride. This “something” and you should be interested. Praise it sincerely, tell the thoughts that come to your mind, even if they seem silly to you. See what happens.

With compliments understood. Let’s go back to communication. Communicating essential plot. Surrounded by ladies have different men. However, clear, predictable, subdued, often they are not interesting. Better if the words of ordinary men heard a girl veiled sexual innuendo. It would seem that you are talking about business, but it should be very exciting. That she blushed over innocuous words. The man, in time making a meaningful pause, changing the tone, making unmistakable emphasis on the right words and phrases, much stronger and attracts interest the lovely ladies. Watch, maybe some of your friends or friends it is and he has a lot to learn. Flirtation and intrigue are a good reason to continue normal communication in a different direction … But we need to distinguish flirtation from banalities such as jokes about the lack of sex. Flirt – face is thin enough. It would seem that you tell her the usual stuff, but for some reason she hears only platitudes. But she can not accuse you of platitudes, because it is impossible to find fault. But if it will stick, you calmly told her that she was a very bad girl, who hears all just about sex.

What men interested in girls

If you’ve read up to this paragraph, you may have noticed that a lot of attention is paid not by the words, and pauses, emotions, and other non-verbal things. Of great importance is not so much what you say, what matters is how you talk and behave as if it.

During interviews conducted by the ladies, we figured out what qualities they are interesting. It turned out that the girl becomes interested in calm, confident men who have the ability to set specific goals and successfully implement them. Guys with low self-esteem to stay away. Contraception invented by life standards of humanity, recently. Therefore, if a girl has sex with a man, she subconsciously agrees to deal with him children together. And for this, it must be assured that later turn out to feed and raise children. This confidence she draws men. Therefore, to develop the confidence to work on yourself.

For example. During the training, which fears the approach worked, guys, make every day for a month to come up and meet girls, ie guy has systematically exposed to the context in which he was not comfortable, where he feels insecure, and after, this discomfort worked.

You have to remember that you should always have a plan for what to do next. You should always be prepared to take the initiative and make the continuation of the banquet. How to interest a girl? It is appropriate this advice: find yourself a job that is interesting and make himself quite well, if there is it. Believe me, the females will be very interesting to go with you. Of course, if you’re wondering about this tell.

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