For what qualities men love Russian women.

russian girlCertainly every man there on their own stereotypes, what should be a model Russian woman, what qualities of women to men is particularly important, and what – no.

But there are some qualities that, in the opinion of most men, must have perfect Russian woman. A survey of random men of such qualities found exactly ten. Consider, for any quality of Russian beauties men love them. As a Russian lady that attract men.The first quality of a beautiful Russian women to men of great importance – the color of the hair.

Many people believe that men are most attracted to Russian blonde, but in reality it is just unsubstantiated myth. Hair color is not the main determining factor in the beauty of Russian women. In fact, just a fair-haired girl seem more frivolous and simple.

The second quality Russian lady, important for men – it looks.
In full it is clear that from the look of Russian girl, directly depends on its success in the ranks of the stronger sex. If you want the men hovered near you. like bees in a blossoming flower, attracts the eye, stood out among the dark, gray and faceless “shadows”, which so many in our streets, because how can these girls to attract attention?

The third quality of Russian girls, men are attracted to – is a sense of style.
Always nice to see the women who follow fashion trends. Clothing may not be very expensive, and the usual. The main thing that it was combined and was quite tidy.

The fourth quality cute Russian women, men important – is the fragrance.
Needless to say that men do not like to smell of sweat and love when it smells good, as long as the smell was not cloying and sharp. Easy and delicious flavor will lead them in delight.

Fifth Russian women as sex – self-satisfaction and self-sufficiency.
Smile more, enjoy your life. Men like a Russian beauty positive, and if in addition to a good mood on the face of a woman attractive smile, then it draws them even more.

Sixth as a woman attracted to men – is its highlight.
Do not be afraid to be different. Riddle is always attracted to the opposite sex to us: Today you pretty housewife, tomorrow is a thriving business-woman, and your image to the next day, he absolutely can not anticipate and you can be sure that your meeting, he will be waiting impatiently.

Seventh quality – is the personal qualities a woman.
Allow yourself time to time to be weak and imperfect. Sometimes the “live” and smart, listen to him with interest, specifically asking. listen with understanding and sympathy, but not in any way be fully disclosed in your conversation.

Eighth quality women, evaluated men – a figure.
It is unlikely that a man will attract a woman who does not look after themselves. But losing weight is not necessary. Main assemble a wardrobe so that not only hide flaws, but also highlight the main advantages of the figure.

Ninth quality – is makeup.
A large number of make-up looks rather vulgar. We must not forget that he is better looking makeup that looks more like a natural.

Tenth quality – this understanding.
Do not think that for your relationship with him everything will be perfect, without quarrels and shouting. The main thing – when to stop, do not blame him for everything, and not to limit his freedom. Do not look for the latter. Sometimes it’s better to be a little wiser and give than to leave.

Here are ten qualities of Russian women, men seem very important. Do not think that the personal qualities of women are fundamental to the relationship between a man and a woman. Listen to your heart, and live with your “prince” happily ever after.

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