How to interest the Russian girl?

sexy russian girlAdvice in this article is for those who do not give rest to the questions: what is the cause of an unsuccessful established relations with my girlfriend, or why once again fails to engage a serious relationship.

I will describe the history of one of the visitors to our site, from which will indicate the possible causes of failed relationships. Thus pointing to you, dear reader, the right way to build a harmonious relationship with his beloved.

So, briefly describe the essence of the story:
“Quite easily met a girl, was able to interest her, and asked for a date. First date went well, even managed to bestow darling sweet kiss. Then the relationship has evolved in the best possible way: a romantic walk in the park, candlelight dinner, etc. However, further period of candy for advanced failed. Every time I asked her to leave the city and reconnect with nature, no matter where and who or what could not prevent our solitude, she masterfully discouraged, referring to their employment.

Meanwhile, the proposed  alternative: meet in a cafe and sit a couple of hours over a cup of coffee. A month after we met, once again, decided to try to invite a lady for a picnic, where at the first opportunity to persuade her to have sex and the long-awaited, therefore, proceed to the next stage in relations . I was almost sure that it will not give up this time, that relationship became more trusting. Far from it. Knowing what to end the event, she went back on their word, saying: “I like you, I’m with interesting to talk to you, but I is not ready for a serious relationship, or rather my plan is not yet included tying a serious relationship. You and I are just friends. I’m sorry if I gave you a reason to hope for something more. Yes, we’re not just kissing, and that’s my fault. “After this conversation, I did not call her more and, of course, did not seek a meeting with her.

This happens to me all: At some relationship girls frankly disappointed in me and offer to remain friends. I’ve got a dozen of these “friends”. I know that it’s me, but what exactly are my error never occurred to me. I like nice and courteous note to the girls themselves, but did not advance beyond kissing. I’m starting to believe that I was someone jinxed or cursed. Although there are girls who do not mind me stir a whirlwind romance, but those to whom I initially indifferent. And like pretty to look at and certainly not deprived of the important qualities that I look for in women, so there is also, I feel, not mine and that’s it. Lawless Heart. And now I have a girlfriend, but the relationship with her, “no,” as she had not tried. I’m with her only because she had me glued, and on the horizon there is no other – a truly desirable. In general, there is no feeling of happiness desired. Hope to meet the girl of your dreams is still warm, but at the end. ”
To be as brief as possible, the answer to this banal story will be one – know his worth. In the first place, no matter how beautiful your  was not, under any circumstances, give her reason to disparage you. If your girl is not respectful to you, it is not without foundation. At any consequence is a reason. Know its value, and then you will not have to fawn and grovel beautiful girls, and thus disappoint them. Confidence will help you to part with unnecessary baggage that weighs you so far. The girl does not value your relationship? Be resolute enough to part with it.

How to make sure roads are you a woman?
Check her commitment, ie whether she can donate something for you. Back in the early formation of relationships show its relevance. Otherwise, by definition, something that is easily accessible, there is “cheap.” This is not about monetary value of self-worth, but if ever let her pay for you in the restaurant, by the same token will show its relevance. And, you do not look like Alfonso, a matter of principle: to check how you are dear to her.

Frivolous lady is put in place in time not verbally “attack”, and hints about the unacceptability of his behavior. You’re important to you as is your girlfriend? Then, unlike the spineless slugs that pathologically inclined to ignore the neglect on the part of women, be ready to reconsider its attitude to such a girl, whether she is worthy of you. Let her know that he would not tolerate disrespect to him. If a girl, with the will to show your location, so all is not lost in your relationship. Otherwise, throw it without regret.

Should not always be considered feminine tricks, as a feature of a nature girl. Often a manifestation of neglect are part of women’s checks. Women should be sure not whether you’re among those same spineless slugs in need of female attention. Moreover, women tend to constant testing in early stage of relationships.

Consider a situation where she does not come out on a date without explanation. Stop phoning her if she does not answer your calls. Give yourself installation is not thinking about that girl, throw it out of your head. Decent girl, I respect you, be sure to call soon and repenting apologize, as she realizes that her outburst is no excuse, or vice versa, will lead a good reason. If none of this happened, so it you are not a couple.

Suppose you decided to give it one last chance, and still get through to her to find out the cause, I suggest the following course of action:
She: “Today, to meet not work. I do not feel, probably ate something wrong.”
You: (silently)
Her: “Hello? Did you hear?”
You: “Do you think well before you tell me this stuff?”
She: “What?”
You: “You could inform me in advance for unforeseen circumstances. Not decent: promise and do not keep their word. This you show his contempt for me. If you agree with me and this will not happen again – then everything is fine. If not – then Goodbye. Without waiting for an answer, hang up the phone. 98%, she will call in five minutes, and agree with your terms and conditions.

How not to be her friend?
If a girl invites you to become a friend in response to your impulses to engage with her long-term relationship, which means that it does not consider you as a potential sexual partner. Why your relationship went into a friendly? Either you are wrong from the beginning acted with his chosen, or you do not agree on the bed (sexual incompatibility). In both cases, only one way out – to leave in order not to waste your valuable time on superfluous emotions and mental anguish. Believe me, there is no alternative. About sexual incompatibility: it happens. It’s not your fault, and there’s nothing you can do. In terms of improper conduct: to blame only themselves and draw objective conclusions. Error misconduct is what you do with the early days of your relationship should be able to customize the girl to have sex and to tie her sexual fantasies to yourself. How so? This is a topic that requires a detailed description, which you can find by reading the article “How to configure the girl to have sex.”

Finally, add the following: if you are too much attached to one girl, so that you can not imagine life without it (although your relationship lasts only two weeks or a month), in this case, you risk falling into addiction, and then lose this girl, because she no longer cherish you. When you decide for yourself what it is you – a gift to her fate, you – a happy chance in her life, that’s when your life will be happy and you will have harmony in the relationship with the girl of his dreams.

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How to interest the Russian girl?
Advice in this article is for those who do not give rest to the questions: what is the cause of an unsuccessful established relations with my girlfriend, or why once again fails to engage a…