My favorite character of Russian women?

russian sexy girlRomantic Russian woman seems to us something unearthly and almost nonexistent subspecies female.

But none of that, just hysterical at Russian lady – this is one of the most common manifestations of romanticism in the modern world. It is this Russian beauty needs courtship, enchanting adventures and secret intrigues, where the game is more important than an intimate relationship. Here, for example, the story of the life of a romantic nature.

Russian beauty was sitting at home, not bothering anyone. And suddenly – a burst of energy and a vague feeling. Identification occurred. Wanted man! The man she loved was not at hand, and erotic “call is not diverted to another line.” What to do? Run, and someone to seduce. I remembered a friend’s phone man was called there on a date. And she sailed to him all in pearls and lace stockings … The man gasped and pulled little hands …

And she – another call from another location. Anxiety and fear blocked the initial desire. “Why did I come here, what I could not sit at home. Want more sex “- thought our Russian beauty. And she just started talking:

– How could you think that I want to seduce you? Pervert!

Puzzled men:

– I do not understand.

– Of course, do not understand, how do you understand my unique soul!

And she fell into depression and sadness. Of course, the noble macho does not lead to the whims of our person. And he raised himself from the couch and went to the ladies of the promises of the heart. Therefore, he had no doubt that he has a chance to separate it into an intimate relationship, the more the behavior of beauty spoke about what she does not know what he wants.

Being under the influence of two different directions at the same time desires, our beauty completely lost orientation. One half of its unique soul she continued to seduce, and the other – with horror awaited decoupling “dirty harassment” by the fan.

The pendulum began to swing her feelings more and more. Our heroine’s head spin.

If she could escape, then in full sail. If it can not, it will be no end of frustration.

How difficult such a ladies arrange their personal lives.

Hysterical nature peculiar sexual fusion energy that must somehow be activated. They are prone to unpredictable and sudden changes of behavior. Sexual Energy – fountain with . Sometimes it just does not know to whom to pounce, one man is better than another. What is really there feelings when thinking about them, it is necessary to keep up to turn, and suddenly, and most importantly unpredictable.

For example, one message showered with others in the movie has gathered, and one almost raped. What to do? It’s all done unconsciously.

It must always be the center of attention. Demonstrative starting seductive clothing to a bright and dynamic behavior of the unrecognized actress.

“I want to love. But it’s not for me. Boring to live without it. And not to miss I’m having a one-man show. Want strong feelings. ” Theater even an understatement – a show of drama and comedy. A feeling – only the strong. Who will be exchanged for a quiet and peaceful affair without incident? Indeed, the measure of a great love is wild and hysterical adventures meeting with the moon. Anyway, when it became a real man, who wants it? No wait time, here and now, and at any cost.

It is characterized by melancholy. She looks at the world with disappointment, asking the question: where is the man of my dreams?

Hysterical woman will never admit that her sexuality is just a mask, protection. She is confident in her amazing sexual potential. If it is bursting, what is not the same as, the cherished desire – to bring down your niagara falls on a man? Importantly, that he broke down and was not afraid. It remains to find it, though now a man is crushed, she says. So we have to tighten it in its funnel everyone, maybe you are lucky and there is a real macho.

As soon as her sexual impulses are paying off, and the man was led to the gushing energy, it is here that it is just a surprise. Sexual behavior and flirt does not mean that she craves sexual intimacy. Her behavior turns into anxiety and even flight. The funny thing is that our heroine would never admit that her behavior was provocative and intriguing: it is so passed by. How is it that a man took it into his head that she wants him? Just think, the skirt to the ears and fitting sweater or ambiguous phrases of knowledge of all the nuances of sexual life? Wildness some to suggest that it is clean and spotless soul decided to seduce someone. Ostrich policy prevails.

Sexual submission, which can demonstrate the hysterical woman, implies not dedication or masochism and hidden aggression. I lured you, teased, and we now see a fascist, a grenade! It rests on the obedience of fear of losing control in front of a strong sexual arousal and deep emotional experiences. It will remain as it is in the power of men, and control of the situation and the opponent? Dissolution of love – inaccessible state. How is it she would give herself to the enemy?

For hysteria characterized by the fact that it can very difficult to reallocate its tremendous energy in peaceful course, start painting or diarrhea on the rollers in the city. All the energy is spent on finding the right candidate, who, in fact, she does not need, but admit it, and rest is like stopping a locomotive, who collected a great speed.

Where’s all the same energy consumed when your sex life is filled with fear? She finds out at the somatic level, hence the strange pain symptoms, anxiety attacks. Anxiety is floating in nature, where the wind blows, there and suffer sexual alarming momentum. Characteristic: angina, tics, a lump in the throat, respiratory failure, etc. Impulse worn anywhere other than the place where he should be discharged.

Hysteric inherent fear of another age period. 25 years – old and 30 years old – the end of life, etc. Accept yourself for what is – an impossible task. How she will seduce with wrinkles and cellulite ass?

A good example of hysteria is the story of the “Heart of a Dog” by Mikhail Bulgakov. When the professor asked the reception mature lady, his patient:

How old are you?

 – Oh, Doctor, this is a tragedy of my life …

 – Well, no, we sew your ovaries monkeys …

And with “sewn ovaries” bust and “swollen” lips she is waiting for her prince.

And here we come to the fun. What is the reason of being talented as a hysterical woman? The roots of this kind of neurotic behavior in childhood takes 4-7 years, designated in psychoanalysis – as oedipal period. At this time, important for the Russian girls are relationship with his father, because for the first child to be male is dad. It lays the first brick in the foundation of the house called “women’s fate.” It all depends on how he deals with the unconscious and infantile drives daughter to him. As far as he is attentive and considerate. And whether it supports the emerging femininity girls while not substituting her acting parts of your body.

Very often the fathers themselves, dissatisfied with their sex lives, unconsciously provoke daughters, bringing them their unrealized erotic desires. If the father of a daughter is inadequate and overly pampered her, and thus does not show affection like his mother, his wife, then there is every chance for the girl entrenched image of unique and unavailable men – father.

His father became a key figure in the future life of the Russian ladies. She is looking for her father, the powerful and who will love her, cuddle and be on hand. And if there was such a man, the story would have a happy ending.

But the problem is – in another. The basic conflict inherent in the soul of a hysterical woman, is that the father did not understand it, rejected her love. Always, where it meets the hysteria we see the problems associated with the father figure. In order that the father first “seduced” and then threw (died, left the family, the authoritarian father). In general, do not live up to expectations beloved daughter. Hope’s daughter and her confidence had been undermined by his father. Therefore, trust is destroyed and the men, as such. So she embarks on a path of revenge this insidious and duplicitous beings: men. Drama unfolds in an unconscious woman on the one hand, it seeks the father, and the other – hate him.

Anxiety overwhelms her fear as laying Not only is it relaxing, but does not allow the enemy to penetrate into it. From this frustration it “flies into a rage,” energy, which is already running out even more overwhelmed her. Where to run, to run out? Or the enchanting adventures, or the disease of uncertain nature. And best of all – it is the destruction of men with their tantrums, aggression and irrepressible moods. All men are owed, they certainly give all debts his father and it will wash away the sin of wanting to be with dad. Where is run hysterically-romantic nature?

Not having experienced his neurotic behavior, it’s hard to jump out of this state.

First, you need to just stop and think, and where am I running? And what I want to achieve from men? Love, but without sex or sex without love? On whom my self-esteem, do only men can give me confidence?

It would be nice to take a simple idea that no man is her real father, a man that is what it is. Sex games – it is not the method by which to raise self-esteem.

Need to learn to relax, and, looking into his world “Wonderland”, to understand yourself, and stop kidding illusory hopes of a perfect future. It is important to accept ourselves in this complex and contradictory world, to learn to understand themselves and their multidirectional state. Determine the roots of a given situation, it may be provided that the causes may limit our ability, and the acceptance of reality – the understanding of the relationship of cause and effect – means the responsibility for their lives.

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