How to choose a girl for sex?

If you are concerned about someone with whom to sleep (I mean, it’s a beautiful girl or do not) and you want just sex, then this article will help you with this and tell me how to find a Russian girl for sex the path of least resistance.

What Russian girls fastest consent to sex?
1. Drunk Russian women. Most of drunk girls said that they are “reckless,” and they are ready to try something new, and especially to have sex with strange guys in the very unusual places. That’s why I have them and are considered the easiest prey. When she was drunk, but still wants to have sex with someone, then she starts to stick to the guys trying to move sexy.

2. Russian girls of easy virtue. It is not about girls that way for a living, and for those who like to frequently change sexual partners, are ready for a pack of cigarettes to allow a stranger to touch the guy at his breast or a bottle of wine kiss anyone. I do not know how to look like all these girls, but the ones I know personally, dress and behave with respect to challenging. They are almost always heavily dyed and not very well maintained. Continue reading

What to do after having sex with a Russian girl

In order to know how to behave after sex, you first need to decide how important this is sex for you: it is only for one night, or this event, which will be continued. Once you decide, it will be easier to make a plan of action.

How to behave after sex, if only for one night?
If sex is the main aim of the day or in the evening, after you get it, you better to bow out with a Russian girl. So you give her act made it clear that it was you only need one night. Also, you can protect yourself from boring conversations and requests for the next meeting. If a Russian girl, just like you, just like sex, it will act the same way and it will charge you the full responsibility and discomfort.

If sex is in your home, and you can see that the excited sexy girl is in no hurry to gather, wait, there is a chance that your sexual adventures are not over yet and she is preparing for the second, more serious offense. However, if time goes by, and she is not going anywhere, you can ask her to leave as soon come your parents, relatives or roommates. Excuse certainly not serious, but it clearly gives the girl to understand that it is no longer willing to see here. Continue reading

Slavic girls the most beautiful?

So, why is the Slavic women are the most beautiful?

The answer is simple – because they are more willing to sell themselves and more dependent on men than western ladies. Often you can see how the twenty below Ukrainian girl goes through the city in a short jacket with an open umbilicus, high heels, in tight jeans and a truly scenic makeup at eight in the morning. Is it comfortable for her so? Of course not. But our Russian girls are always thinking about the impression they make on men.

Our men, leaving to Europe and watching the women out there that are free to walk the streets in comfortable clothes and sneakers, lamented that overseas not at all beautiful women. In fact, the beautiful people are everywhere – just Western women are not used to apply make-up only to pop out for bread, they do not tend to sell itself more profitable. And our men are accustomed to feel buyers and owners of life abroad is not clear – why local ladies do not care about what they think about the opposite sex? That concluded – European women scary as nuclear war and all the polls feminists. And then hurry home soon, where almost every woman it is important to select it and appreciated. Continue reading

How to determine the nature of the Ukrainian girl

Ukrainian sexy girl1 Character of Ukrainian women is easier to define than the character of the men, in particular, because in adulthood Ukrainian girls actively express their emotions. Boys also called emotions under control.

As a result, an adult Ukrainian women are more open and seems clearly visible. However, to determine the nature of Ukrainian women, do not make quick conclusions.
Look closely at the Ukrainian women in different situations. It often happens that, for example, at work, a Ukrainian woman behaves in one way and in the home is fully revealed as a person.
Pay attention to the youth and student photos of Ukrainian women. Personality traits tend to be very stable. So, conducted in the early centuries study showed that women who looked happy at student photos, and after thirty years have been happy. Continue reading

What if the Russian sexy woman earns more than men?

What if the Russian sexy woman earns more than men?Rejoice! If less than men? Also enjoy …… The main fact is not who earns how much, and how to treat this.

I recall an old Sufi parable about how one viziers had a strange dream.
He called the interpreter of dreams, the dream told him and asked: what does it mean? The Interpreter answered: Unfortunately, this dream means that all of your relatives will die …… Vizier in anger ordered to hang the interpreter. Found another … He asked what it was and when he was told he said that sleep is another explanation.
Pass the Vizier he said, that he will live a long time. So long that it will outlive all my relatives! Vizier gave him and always sought the interpretation only to him.
I once wrote in an article “Women Power” that the strength of the Russian woman in her cunning … Ability to interpret a variety of ways, choosing the one that gives you the most joy and freedom – the main tool tricks. This trick is different from lying. Cunning man always speaks the truth, the one that he favored. Continue reading

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